Your Change Can Make A Difference Can

Ever forward, that is what we say when something goes wrong here at the bike shop.  So no apologies for the lack of info – we have been busy, just back to the blogging we go.  Here is a pretty picture of a couple of our recent graduates from the College of Style at 30¢ Cycle U.

The latest MASI Soulville mixte now sports a stock centerstand, and with a WALD basket and fenders the Bianchi Cortina is a comfy commuting machine to be reckoned with.

And here is more good news for your Friday afternoon. While it has been a while since it has gotten any mention, the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can has been busy doing just that.  We switched the format to full season to have more impact, and last year the Can took in $305.86 to benefit Think Bicycles.  Wowsers, thanks for tossing your change in there!  This season the can that Can is working to benefit the Iowa City Shelter House.

Think Bicycles is not some new A.I., electric assist, gps enabled, belt drive contraption with a suspension seatpost that is destined to rule the world.  It is a new organization forming right here in Johnson County, Iowa, to promote, advocate and coordinate bicycle events, issues, and groups.  And it is destined to rule the world.

We are excited to be part of this coalition as it forms.  The website is the biggest initiative of the group so far, and it is currently being designed for a launch in mid- to late summer.  For now if you Facebook you can join the page there to keep up with news.

It has been a while since we have had any news to share with you all about the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can, but we are dusting it off and directing its massive fundraising capabilities towards Think Bicycles this month.  The last money from the Can was $50 to Farm Sanctuary last November to help keep turkeys out there a’gobblin’ instead of being a’gobbled.  So come on in and throw some money in the Can, and Think Bicycles!

This weekend we broke out the power tools and made some changes around here.

First was a new shelf in the corner.

Then we moved the lending library from the front door to the counter.  Not sure about this one, but we will give it a try.

A wall mount map dispenser under the bulletin board.  The statewide map and the local trails map, free!

And, sure to be a mechanic favorite, a new centrally located shelf with cables, housing, and such, nicely tucked out of the way.

And of course, Otis keeps making our shop a better place!  Here he is hard at work helping compose this weblog post.  Thanks, buddy.  Otis is the latest Your Change Can Make A Difference Can beneficiary, to help with the costs of his vet bills.  We are glad he is here, and not out in the cold, and we think he feels the same way.

Today we got to see one of the fruits of yesterday’s labors, the Raleigh mixte with FreeRadical!


We put some extra threads on the steerer tube and installed the headset, the owner took care of the rest.  That is one nice looking ride!

I (Steve) have been having fun of loads with my longtail touring townie, today it carried glass recycling.


I love all our cargo carrying bikes, but one thing I love about the FreeRad in particular is the ease of loading.  Open the center strap, shove stuff in, clip center strap, and off you go.  We have taken a huge load of newsprint to recycle, carried a couple of pumpkins and a huge bag of peppers home from the farmers market, and run many other errands already.  Long live long tails!

And welcome to November!  Cody and I are hard at work learning to unicycle (Cody is way better than me) and are looking forward to the Jingle Cross.  We are proud sponsors of the Beginner Women category all three days this year and are happy to be providing a brand spanky new MASI CXR frameset to one of the lucky women!


I will be racing all three days so come heckle me, I probably deserve it…

Last news, the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can is over $22.00 now to Adopt A Turkey at Farm Sanctuary!  We need $25.00 to adopt one and since this is the season of giving thanks (especially if you are an adopted turkey) we are going to extend this Can through November so let’s see if we can make it two Turkeys adopted!

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Your Change Can Make a Difference Can” that resides in our humble bike shop, it’s an old coffee can that accepts donations for various local causes.  Since we opened in April, the Can has collected over $165 for good stuff like the Bike Library, the Animal Shelter, and Mayor’s Youth.  We’re happy to report that last month saw $32.94 for the Rape Victim Advocacy Program.

09hawthorn_spNow that we’re moving into the slow days of fall, the next cause will get two months of collecting.  This one is based in Watkins Glen, NY but has operated locally.  The Farm Sanctuary has various projects, among them the Adopt-a-Turkey Project.  It’s good timing for Thanksgiving to support the care of a rescued turkey, one who has escaped the cruelty of the factory farm system.

Sponsorship rates are $25 per rescued turkey.  How many of these sentient, sensitive birds can we save?  Two?  Three?  More?

Pictured is Hawthorne, resident of the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.

Cooler than a seed or a bug in a bottom bracket shell?  Maybe an original bi-lingual tag, tucked up under the saddle for all these years!


This saddles innovative “GEL” inner layer absorbs strong impact!  The smooth yet durable cover is made from “LYCRA” (a material similar to that used for diving wear) for comfort!  Do not delay, contact Velo Enterprise Co., ltd. today, and enjoy your ride.  The past is a blast.


Ben’s fine coffee, in our fine mug.


Dual Schwinn Racers.  That is just cool, nothing else to add.


Sand fish, sculpted by our friend Seth.  The whole piece won the Sand in the City contest!

Okay, last wonder, the August Your Change Can Make A Difference Can brought in $52.47 for the Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program, a new record for the Can!  This month the Can will benefit the RVAP.

Last night I (steve) continued my test ride program, and took the MASI Speciale Commuter home.  It is a very nice bike.  If I were to get one for myself I would make a few changes (platform pedals, riser bar, fenders)  right away, but this is a fine package to start with for sure, no matter which direction you might want to take it.

I have long wanted a bolt on front wheel for my ss townie, so why not just buy a bike to get there?

As I was riding to the shop I was looking around at the piles of couches and carpet and moldy blankets that are currently littering our streets and curbs here in fair Iowa City (moving season in a college town) and I did espy a pile of bikes not on curb or corner but up a tree.

Not sure what is going on here, other than the obvious, but it is good to see a fire extinguisher hanging in such close proximity.  For safety!

Today begins August, and so a new name onto the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can.  Last month we raised $39.27 for all the critters at the Iowa City Animal Shelter!  This month we are going to donate the money to the MYEP.  That is the Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program and they are moving to new facilities soon so they need all the help they can get to keep their operations running smoothly through the transition.  In the past the MYEP has had a bicycle repair program as part of the offerings, no word on whether or not that will continue at the new space, but if we donate enough money to them it will surely help keep that worthwhile endeavour alive.

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