June 2010

In honor of the holiday and our hard-workin’ fingers, we’ll be closed Monday the 5th.

Saturday, July 3: 10-4

Sunday, July 4: closed (as usual)

Monday, July 5: closed (holiday)

Then, resuming normal hours, Tuesday-Friday:10-6, Saturday:10-4, Monday:11-7.

Have a great weekend!

Yesterday I (Cody) helped three friends move to their new home.

Many hands were there to help load four Bikes at Work trailers (three 8-footers, one 6-footer), one Big Dummy (Xtracycle), and a couple smaller trailers.

We made quick work of the loading stage.

En route!  Erin led the pack.

The rest of the pack.

I was frantically taking photos of the ride while trying to keep my rig under control.

So satisfying to see all the empty hauling machines at the new house.  The moving went on all day.  There were some cyclists sleeping very well last night.

Some of you may have noticed that our supply of ready to take home Used Bikes has been up lately and there is a good reason for that.  We hired our first employee!

He is hard to catch on film, but he has many years of experience as a “pro” mechanic and has been a long time volunteer at the Iowa City Bike Library.  We are happy to have him on board.

He replaces our previous 3rd wheel, Sit on a potato pan Otis, who has been placed with a good home where he has the all day company of another kitty and new loving people friends who are home a lot to give him all the attention he deserves.

Plus he does not have to roll around on the floor in a dirty bike shop with all the grease, metal shavings, chain lubricants, and other pleasantries associated with the fixing of bicycles.  We miss him but know that this move is in his best interest.  And we still get to go visit!

On Friday this big storm blew through.

It took out trees and power all over town, and it took out our shop phone service, too.

Sorry if you called and missed us, we were there – honest!  Please try us again on Monday, and if you left a message, we promise to call you back.

In the meantime let us all just enjoy the beautiful lines of this MASI Soulville 7 mixte that went to a good home today.

The Nitto 34F front & 33R rear Campee racks (aka “Big” racks).  Lightweight, strong cromoly with nickel finish.  So exciting I seem to only be able to write in fragmented sentences.

In the kitchen if you order a box of lettuce or a bag of onions and you find a stray jalapeño or ear of corn in there you exclaim, “Lagniappe!”   A little something extra, that is.

Unpacking a new bike we learn that it is not just a kitchen phenomenon.

Unrelated, except for being cool and good, check out this chrome Huffy cruiser!

Over the weekend the 30¢ Squad of Steve went down to Kansas to ride the Dirty Kanza 200.

Photo by Michael K. Dakota

Had a great ride and got to be on the cover of the Emporia Gazette, too.  We need to get shop jerseys, anybody want to buy a 30th Century Bicycle jersey?  The caption is true, it was the craziest day of riding ever, and I have had some crazy ones.  Full race recap to follow!

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