We are excited to share the newest coolest jersey available in the whole world!


Cobra Verde is a green coffee energy drink made right here in Iowa City. It is all part of the continuation of the coffee cart that was outside the shop for our first few years. The jersey is being manufactured by Podiumwear in Minneapolis and the jerseys are manufactured there, that’s right, not just made in the USA – made in the midwest! The jerseys feature other awesome local businesses like White Rabbit, Flat Black Studios, and even little old 30th Century Bicycle. The center pocket is custom artwork by 30¢ Wrench and all around good guy Donnie! Jerseys are $60 and you can order HERE through Monday. We will have some in stock here in the shop as well, but the best way to be sure you get one is to order from the website. And what’s the password you ask? verde of course

Check it out, 30¢ Squad coffee roaster Jarrett is in the paper again.


Combining his love of coffee roasting and his education in art he threw together a little found object composition demonstration for us yesterday morning over a cuppa, explaining that the juxtaposition of a perfectly roasted bean and a shiny tin was one of the first techniques employed by artisan coffee roasters in, uh, the middle Roman / Germanic times. Yeah? Um, sure. Hey look over there!

This caught our eye over at Urban Velo:

Mobility Lab recently held an event at George Mason University’s Arlington, Virginia campus with former Department of Transportation secretary Ray LaHood on the future of transportation in America. He predicts that in the next 25 years we will see a huge expansion of nationwide passenger rail, wide adoption of driverless cars, and continued gains in biking and walking infrastructure.

“Transportation is always about the future,” LaHood said. “There are no Republican roads or Democratic bridges,” he added.

About his prediction that America’s future transportation needs would be met more by passenger rail than automobile, LaHood referenced a “pent-up demand for passenger rail,” and said, “The people almost always get it right.”

LaHood told the audience that if Eisenhower had signed a “Passenger Rail Bill” rather than the Federal Highway Act, then America would look much different than it does today. LaHood envisioned a future America that looks, transportation-wise, more like Europe. Smart-growth advocates in the audience undoubtedly were pleased, as the Federal Highway Act is widely considered to have played a significant role in urban sprawl.

When asked by an audience member how a major infrastructure project like the rail LaHood envisions would be funded, LaHood was unequivocal in his response. He called for an increase to the national gasoline tax ”not raised since ’93″ of 10 cents, tied to the inflation rate. He also referenced the Highway Trust Fund as a good starting source of funds, but said it should be supplemented by a vehicle-miles-traveled (VMT) tax, tolling, and public-private partnerships operating to cover the shortfall.

LaHood’s final pronouncement was that while America is no longer number one in transportation, it can be. The countries that are surpassing us, such as China, are investing heavily in rail. If America does that as well, it will create jobs in the short term and ensure our competitiveness in the long term.


Boo! Gather close, and hear thee the good word of scary bike parts.


No! I speak not of those of ye hyperlight stem, wheel, pedal spindle or even that most dogawful Off the Front Bar tape although hear me and remember well the terrifying graphics and neon splash colors! Lo this here message is to warn you of an evil most diabolical that lurks in the deep dark greasy places of maybe your bicycle. The ball bearing retainer is of what I speak! Good dog what could that be you ask?! From the e-gospel of Saint Sheldon himself they are described thus and with a thoughtful illustration as well praise be to Saint Sheldon:

retainersA retainer is a clip, usually of sheet-metal or plastic, that holds and separates the bearing balls in a ball bearing. The advantages of retainers are ease of assembly, and economy because the manufacturer can get by with fewer balls, if they are spaced apart by a retainer.

Beware thee that bearing of the retainer! Do we need ease of assembly?! Nay! And what of this economy and benefit to manufacture? Enough I say! You can be most sure that if you are not of the Sealed Cartridge Church and thy hub ails or thy crankset becometh cranky or creaky it was that evil retainer that didst fold under the pressures and pleasures of wholesome normal just riding along usage! It is through sloth and slavery to false idols that a wrench, as it were, came to be thrown into thy works and from within!


Go then, and do not abandon the fight against the armies of undead bike parts! Armed with this new knowledge of thee bearing retainer now be assured that if your coaster brake should stop stopping or your crankset wiggle it is through a retainercism ceremony that peace can be returned to thy noble machine!

We have built some nice wheels, sure have, and this is surely the nicest picture we have ever taken of wheels we built.


40 spokes per, fer a bicycle built for two. Strong like Bull! That is custom paint on those Velocity Deep Vs, too.

Finally we have the Xtracycle Edgerunner in the shop! This is the new cargo bike of the future design with the 20″ rear wheel, lowers the load and that wheel is strong like Bull!


This is our shop ride, yes, but it is also our demo so if you want to spend a day or a few with it come talk to us.


Built up with a mix of the stock parts and our favorite substitutions, one highlight is total right hand shifting control. Which makes sense because your left hand is holding your cup of coffee.

Local bike advocacy juggernaut Think Bicycles has put together an area bicyclist survey:

Think Bicycles Commuter Survey

Check it out and let them know who you are and what you would like to see prioritized in the future for bicycle infrastructure and even incentives. It’s a two pager and it does not take long to complete.


Not to be left out we came up with our own survey: Have you tried Wake Up Iowa City’s new roast 30th Century Bicycle Golden Gear Chain yet?



If you answered yes, good on ya. If you answered no get on down to the New Pi and get some, you’ll be tastily glad you did. It’s like a week supply of daily tune ups for your brain for the price of a brake adjustment!


We have as many used bikes ready to go right now as we probably will until next fall, so if you are looking for a commuter, mountain bike, kids bike, tandem or road bike check out the page and see if there is something there for you.


We just bulked up the Newbaum’s made in the USA bar tape. So many colors it took 2 photos to fit them all in.


A new shop jersey and shorts order is almost ready and will be going into production soon. We still have a few of the old design, and Surly wool jerseys in stock as well, at great prices.


Wake Up Iowa City’s newest locally roasted offering, 3oth Century Bicycle Golden Gear Chain is right here on the counter waiting for you as well.


Grab a pound to GO!

You buy coffee. You brew coffee. You drink coffee and you feel better than you ever have and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You run out of coffee. You buy more coffee. Repeat for the rest of your life because coffee is not just delicious and good for you but oh so addictive!


You buy a bike. You ride the bike. You feel better than you ever thought you could. You accomplish amazing things. You drink coffee and then take a ride and your bike feels better and faster than you ever thought possible, as if Rumpelstiltskin himself had spun you a golden chain or something.


Well this ain’t no fairy tale, so next time you need fuel get yourself a pound of fresh roasted reality, now on sale at Wake Up Iowa City, the New Pi Coop, and soon right here on the counter at 30th Century Bicycle.

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