March 2013

We have as many used bikes ready to go right now as we probably will until next fall, so if you are looking for a commuter, mountain bike, kids bike, tandem or road bike check out the page and see if there is something there for you.


We just bulked up the Newbaum’s made in the USA bar tape. So many colors it took 2 photos to fit them all in.


A new shop jersey and shorts order is almost ready and will be going into production soon. We still have a few of the old design, and Surly wool jerseys in stock as well, at great prices.


Wake Up Iowa City’s newest locally roasted offering, 3oth Century Bicycle Golden Gear Chain is right here on the counter waiting for you as well.


Grab a pound to GO!

You buy coffee. You brew coffee. You drink coffee and you feel better than you ever have and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You run out of coffee. You buy more coffee. Repeat for the rest of your life because coffee is not just delicious and good for you but oh so addictive!


You buy a bike. You ride the bike. You feel better than you ever thought you could. You accomplish amazing things. You drink coffee and then take a ride and your bike feels better and faster than you ever thought possible, as if Rumpelstiltskin himself had spun you a golden chain or something.


Well this ain’t no fairy tale, so next time you need fuel get yourself a pound of fresh roasted reality, now on sale at Wake Up Iowa City, the New Pi Coop, and soon right here on the counter at 30th Century Bicycle.


Bright new color from Bianchi on the 2013 Cortina, plant yourself on one! And we sprouted a new bike tree to show off more bikes on the floor, we started with just the one but are getting a nice little grove going now. Lots of Masi road bikes to check out on those branches. Cross bikes, Surly Truckers and the Bianchi Iseo, too.


And Bianchi celeste springs eternal, here on the revamped Milano.


Bianchi celeste is one of the most recognized colors in the world (right?) and here you can read a little bit about why. Whatever color your bike, spring is coming and it is time to ride it!

Recently we decked out a Surly Disc Trucker. Someone saw it and said, “I want that!”


We love it when that happens. So here it is, Disc Trucker version deja vu. We built a generator wheel for the front, more SKS Longboard fenders, centerstand, Brooks B-17, and Tubus racks front and rear. Waiting for the same light as the previous bike, the Luxus U. If you like what you see and are thinking you want that, we can’t blame you, and count ourselves among you. What a solid ride!


Lot’s of wheel building going on these couple of weeks, just got these VO high flange hubs in to build up to shiny VO PBP rims. Blinding bling baby!


Other wheels recently built, the four on the right were rebuilds for a customer who was tired of tubulars and wanted the ease of clinchers. The wheel on the left is for personal usage and abusage on Steve’s gravel bike, road bike and cyclocross bike. Which are the same bike.

If you have ever seen this bike careen it’s way around Iowa City under massive load, over curbs, down railroad tracks, head to head with cars on Gilbert St…


Then you understand why this is the rear wheel we have the most pride in having built – Devin tough! Going to knock on wood for it’s continued good health, and conveniently he has some strapped to his rear rack. Next, thumbing our nose at the anti-establishment, we were happy to install 9 speed sti on this here hunk of lugged steel.


Low spoke count wheels, aero bars and now sti! It’s okay Grant Petersen – just ride.