September 2012

The season of cross is upon us, and the 2013 cross bikes are arriving in force. Tear up that cross course or those famous Iowa B-roads with some flash and maybe some panache.

Daaang, Masi CXR:

Smokin’ like a Bianchi Cavaria:

Seductive Soma Double Cross, ooh hurts so good:

There are so many rad all-terrain events going on right now, take yer pick. Last weekend (so put it on your calendar for next year), the Culinary Ride. This weekend, our old friend, the Gritty Brevet. And, in a couple weeks, the Poker Ride. While you likely wouldn’t want to ride one of the bikes shown here, the Sugar Bottom Shit Show is not to be missed, and from what we hear, the turds will be provided.

And, don’t forget all the group rides and cross events coming down the pike.

This is amazing.

Wood and nettle shall we take a pedal? More info HERE.

We donated a Handsome Devil or She Devil of the lucky bidders choice to the silent auction for the Bicyclists of Iowa City Courage Ride.

And here it is, with a bottom bracket and headset in it, ready to be transformed into a commuting wonderbike!

Yesterday we had a cross country cyclist stop into the shop. While always tan, windblown, and generally exciting, there is nothing really out of the ordinary about this, except he was riding an Ira Ryan touring bike.

It is pretty cool to have a bike built by an old roommate and good friend stop in. Not as good as if it had been the Ira himself, but we still got some good biking stories over a beer on the patio at the Trumpet Blossom.

Roaming closer to home, the buffalo (okay, bison) that are part of a mural long covered up were uncovered when a building on the ped mall was demolished, pretty cool peek at local history. Read more about it here.