Folding Bikes

Our floor is orange when it is not too dirty.

photo (11)

So is this sweet old Schwinn Voyageur. The owner had us add some shine from Velo Orange and Nitto and a touch of honey from Brooks.

photo (12)

Another orange one, brand new out of a really small box is this Dahon Speed D7 in tangerine. This is the folding bike we sell more than any other because it is simple, strong, and, well – it’s orange!

photo (13)

In other upgrade news we have gotten in a couple more sets of Retroshifters, now called Gevenalle or however it’s pronounced – one set to help this tandem shift more reliably especially up front on it’s wide range crankset. The other set is for a Breadwinner Aufderheide we are building up, pictures to follow but a bike so nice gets it’s own blog post!

photo (14)

Another cool upgrade shifter project. We took off dead Shimano trigger shifters here and replaced them with these nicely machined thumb shifters from Microshift. Strong light cheap – pick all three!

photo (15)

Not orange but sure to make folks green with envy is this decked out Xtracycle Edgerunner with the full family package to haul kids and or cargo – plus a generator wheel powering front and back lights with a USB charger.

photo (17)

Last thing orange and upgraded we made some major changes to our helmet / clothing / shoe corner. Stop in and take a seat – we do! Carpet is also quite comfortable for naps we hear.


We sold a couple of Dahon Speed D7s last week.


This was our first look at the tangerine color, pretty schnazzy! We sent a Dahon folder on a mission to Chicago via MegaBus last week also and for the first time it was denied by the bus driver. No amount of bribery or sweet talking could secure passage for the most useful piece of luggage on the planet. Apparently Trailways is not so biased against multi-modal sustainable transportation options and they allowed the trip to proceed. So, if you are a folding biker consider checking Trailways that before booking your trip.

In other exciting foldable thing news, for the first time in 4 years we have a kickstand worthy of the internet:


One upping the stickstand we reported on in May of 2009, the copper pipe kicker extension! Bonus points for matching that frame color.

We sent this super loaded Sun trike for big kids out the door last week.

And then another folder from Dahon.

Plus we have this hotrod trike for tykes just added to our used bikes.


As we continue to figure out our new space things are changing faster than bike industry marketing trends. For instance, our version of a disco ball, call it a disco bar.

This-hi-vis-aero-extreme component was the precursor to this kind of thing. And is not for sale! We also got a lever style doorknob to access the storage area.

Okay, pretty boring to look at, but easy operation for when the hands are full gets us all excited. And we also put up a couple of shelves for bike in window display, plants, and parts washer.

Starting to look the way we hoped it could, and just in time for our 3 year anniversary! Yep, this Saturday will mark 3 years since we pumped up our tires and opened our doors. To celebrate we are having a sale. In addition to the stuff on our Sales & Specials page we are marking all in stock Marins down 15%! And all in stock Arkel bags 15% as well. Sale is on until we close on Saturday, so come on down and see us. And while you are here you can check out our new neighbor, the Trumpet Blossom Cafe, opening on Wednesday this week, for all your “that was the best meal I ever had in my whole life” needs.

We keep harpin’ on our impending move, we know.  It may just be wearing thin.  But, here’s the thing — we’re moving, right?  And, the less stuff we have to schlep, the better.  So, how does 15% off everything in the shop sound?  Including select bikes, like this here Pugsley:

This last-ditch effort to lighten our load is effective immediately until we close for three weeks on Saturday at 2pm.  Come buy some stuff fer cheap!!  Like:

• Arkel bags

• Bianchis

• Nokian studded tires

• SKS Longboard fenders

• Really, almost everything I see as I look around the shop


Stuff not included in the sale would be used bikes and special order items.  Long Haul Truckers are not included, only because we’ve already got them marked down.  If you have questions about specific items, do ring-a-ding on our telephone, or send us some ones and zeros.

Bike to Work Week is going strong, hope you have been enjoying it.

Tonight the activities continue with the Pi to Pi ride, from the New Pioneeer Coop in Iowa City to the New Pioneer Coop in Coralville.  The ride will leave sometime around 5:30 from the Chauncy Swan park across from the New Pi.  We will be closing at 5:30 today so we can go to the ride, hope to see you there!

Ever see one a them racks that goes on a car to carry a spare bike?

Those are cool.

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