Been breaking in the new shop truck, the Edgerunner from Xtracycle.


Recycling hauled over to City Carton.


Also a couple of cycles to be re-cycled and box of parts to the Bike Library. This new design taking the low to the cargo is great and rides super stable, even with a heavy load just on one side, which of course we have tried. Looks like the Bikes at Work trailer will even be able to hitch on there, turning the shop truck into the equivalent of the shop aircraft carrier.

Boo! Gather close, and hear thee the good word of scary bike parts.


No! I speak not of those of ye hyperlight stem, wheel, pedal spindle or even that most dogawful Off the Front Bar tape although hear me and remember well the terrifying graphics and neon splash colors! Lo this here message is to warn you of an evil most diabolical that lurks in the deep dark greasy places of maybe your bicycle. The ball bearing retainer is of what I speak! Good dog what could that be you ask?! From the e-gospel of Saint Sheldon himself they are described thus and with a thoughtful illustration as well praise be to Saint Sheldon:

retainersA retainer is a clip, usually of sheet-metal or plastic, that holds and separates the bearing balls in a ball bearing. The advantages of retainers are ease of assembly, and economy because the manufacturer can get by with fewer balls, if they are spaced apart by a retainer.

Beware thee that bearing of the retainer! Do we need ease of assembly?! Nay! And what of this economy and benefit to manufacture? Enough I say! You can be most sure that if you are not of the Sealed Cartridge Church and thy hub ails or thy crankset becometh cranky or creaky it was that evil retainer that didst fold under the pressures and pleasures of wholesome normal just riding along usage! It is through sloth and slavery to false idols that a wrench, as it were, came to be thrown into thy works and from within!


Go then, and do not abandon the fight against the armies of undead bike parts! Armed with this new knowledge of thee bearing retainer now be assured that if your coaster brake should stop stopping or your crankset wiggle it is through a retainercism ceremony that peace can be returned to thy noble machine!

This just in: We don’t need no stinking cars!


Take a look at the history of this car free shop and our Xtracycles and get inspired. Just this morning we hauled all of our scrap metals to the junkyard by bicycle.


YOUR Xtracycle HERE

We just sold our last in stock FreeRad but of course more are on the way.


Whether kids or cargo, both or neither, the Xtracycle can help you do more with your bike, less with your car!

We hosted the amazing traveling Dinner + Bikes roadshow and vegan dinner last weekend. So first, clean house! We even mopped.


Then, we organized a Bikes at Work convoy to pick up all the chairs. We blew that gate doing 8.8 said, “let them cargo bikes roll”


Had to activate the overflow bike parking system at showtime.


And it’s on! =Dinner, bikes and beers as promised, plus the tallest sponsor on earth Brian from Ironweed BP.


The show went on, first Elly Blue and then a movie, Aftermass.


Anne here deserves huge props for luring these fine folks to town, rounding up sponsors and making sure everything ran smoothly for the event – thanks Anne!


Now the party is over and things are back to crowded normal on the floor.


Thanks to everyone who came out for a great night with Dinner + Bikes – take the lane!


Had a few interesting bike projects roll out of the shop this week.


First up we rebuilt the rear wheel for this amazing bike, and yes it is the one you see around town all the time even in winter with the kids sitting up in the front.

We also had a couple of dynamo hub projects. First we swapped the Rolf wheels out for a Son generator up front and White Industries in the back.


And then wired in the headlight and taillight.


This is a pretty awesome set up, ’nuff said.


We also wired the same model taillight into one of the dyno systems we installed on a Disc Trucker project.


He already had the amazing Luxos U lighting his way and now he can let go of his superflash when the batteries go out.


And here is the Civia we raffled off for Bike to Work Week moments before it was ridden off into the wilds of Iowa City to seek it’s fortune and save it’s new owner a fortune on car maintenance and parking and insurance and gas and etc. These are what sport utility vehicles look like!

This Saturday night, June 1st, we are excited to be hosting this wonderful traveling road show of all that is right and good with the world.

Dinner Bikes

Tickets are still available, right here. Get some, and we will see you right here, this Saturday night at 6!

So we had our exciting Bike to Work Week windup happy hour party here at the shop last week.

IMAG0667Always good to see bike racks jammed to capacity and spillover parking engaged.


We drew a deserving winner from the box of this wonderful christiania bike that is in for repair.


The final selection has been made and look for one of these at a bike rack near you, assembling it today! Big thanks to Civia for providing us with a demo bike fleet to show off and thanks to all that biked and bike to work, we love what you do!

Now we are all back to the grind, biking to work, working to bike, taking photos of cool shadows in the shop, etc.


behind the scenes

We had a return visit from this super cool bike that first we assembled, and then later MK Fendered.


This time we added the VO chainguard. Not sure if this bike could really get any cooler at this point, but we are excited to see if it is possible.

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