If you’re unfamiliar with the “Your Change Can Make a Difference Can” that resides in our humble bike shop, it’s an old coffee can that accepts donations for various local causes.  Since we opened in April, the Can has collected over $165 for good stuff like the Bike Library, the Animal Shelter, and Mayor’s Youth.  We’re happy to report that last month saw $32.94 for the Rape Victim Advocacy Program.

09hawthorn_spNow that we’re moving into the slow days of fall, the next cause will get two months of collecting.  This one is based in Watkins Glen, NY but has operated locally.  The Farm Sanctuary has various projects, among them the Adopt-a-Turkey Project.  It’s good timing for Thanksgiving to support the care of a rescued turkey, one who has escaped the cruelty of the factory farm system.

Sponsorship rates are $25 per rescued turkey.  How many of these sentient, sensitive birds can we save?  Two?  Three?  More?

Pictured is Hawthorne, resident of the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.