December 2013

Howdy everyone, we are going to take a little break here for a recharge. We are closing at 2pm today and will remain closed until Monday January 6th! So enjoy the holidays as you will, play in the snow as you will and we will see you – Next Year. We sign off with another important winter biking tip: If it moves then move it!


Front deraillers and brakes are the most likely parts of your bike to seize up if you don’t exercise them through the salty season. So even if you always ride in the middle chainring and only use your rear or front brake be sure to move them around every once in a while just the same to keep them from seizing up. And we are out, Happy Holidays to you!

Riding a bike through the winter is about more than just about the riding you know. Winter cyclists navigate more than just icy streets, bike racks and locks get plenty chilly, too. Wearing a liner glove with an outer glove that is big enough to fit over it keeps your fingers toasty while riding, and pulling off the outer glove and leaving the liner on gives dexterity and takes the bite out of the air while you secure your ride.


After years of fighting to unwind stiff coiled cable locks we find that a U Lock is faster and easier and more secure to boot. But don’t forget your wheels, bolt ons or “locking” skewers let you rest easy that your bike will be just as you left it for that ride home.

If we told you we could true this:


It would be a lie.