October 2010

Yeah yeah, oh-yeah

This dude just dropped in

To see what condition his friction shifter was in

Yeah yeah, oh-yeah

What condition his friction shifter was in

We like art, and we like selling stuff.  So when we can combine these things, and help out with someone’s education to boot, we get all excited.  So last week when Robert of  the  U of I art program came in working on a class project we were happy to help.  As an exercise in putting a value on art he made a piece of “currency”, in this case a very fine print, and came to us to see what we might give him in return.  A shirt that Cody had screen printed our logo on made perfect sense and voila, local art based economy activated!

Another work of art, the Surly LHT and Burley Nomad trailer loaded with pumpkins and coffee tree.  This ain’t no still life…

When MacGyver got knocked off his bike by a car in episode 101 he took a ride home from the spacey motorist and went on to have another grand adventure.

When Keith broke the chain on his MASI Soulville SS on his way to tailgate at the Green Bay Packers game yesterday he found some wire and rode to the game!  Time for a Keith miniseries?


Feeling down today?  Maybe a new Van Dessel could help?

Gary seems pretty happy!


We got our first Van Dessel in today, the Gin & Trombones in Belgian colors.

All the bells & whistles, full carbon fork with tapered steerer tube, carbon seat stays, BB30, and the new SRAM Apex group to name a few.  Looking forward to the build!

This morning I (Steve) took a ride.

Went out to see some art.

This art is easily viewable from eastbound I80, if you are in a car.  I rode my bike up Harvest Road to see it by bike.  When you get to this part where the road ends you just go around the right side of that barricade and dirt mound.

A short ways down the grassy double track – thar be art!

To get up close you have to walk around a bit.  I think this guy is telling the I80 traffic to SLOW DOWN!

This guy maybe looks scared of the traffic?

And it looks to me as if she is wondering if maybe folks could carpool more.

Keep on truckin…

An old Motobecane with a stripped pedal on the non drive side stopped by for help.  We tapped both sets of threads out to the 9/16″ standard.  Had to improvise a tap handle, it is a bit hard to get the Park tap started in the old French size.

When you have as many tools lying around as we do you can usually make something work, here the Y wrench / 10 mm allen socket / pedal tap got the job done.  You should see the broom handle / vice grip / hacksaw set up we use to cut fixie tall bike handlebars down to Oury grip width!  Just kidding….

Now this fine Stronglight can keep cranking out the miles, and the owner can use any kind of pedal he likes!