March 2011

Out front we look like this.

The Bikes At Work trailer of recycling will be taken soon, and the big door will be up and the coffee cart will be back!  Inside we are full of bikes as usual.  Your MASI, your Surly, your Bianchi, your repair bikes.  And all the used bikes of course.

Nestled in that photo is the latest in Made In Iowa panniers from Ironweed, here is a close up.

And accessories.  WALD baskets, Arkel bags, fenders, locks, Newbaum’s bar tape, shiny Crane bells, full size Blackburn frame pumps, Pedro’s chain lubes, tools, pedals, mirrors, and more!

And, for one week, we have artwork by Jarrett Mitchell.  Check it out before it gets shipped to Paris.

Ever forward, that is what we say when something goes wrong here at the bike shop.  So no apologies for the lack of info – we have been busy, just back to the blogging we go.  Here is a pretty picture of a couple of our recent graduates from the College of Style at 30¢ Cycle U.

The latest MASI Soulville mixte now sports a stock centerstand, and with a WALD basket and fenders the Bianchi Cortina is a comfy commuting machine to be reckoned with.

And here is more good news for your Friday afternoon. While it has been a while since it has gotten any mention, the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can has been busy doing just that.  We switched the format to full season to have more impact, and last year the Can took in $305.86 to benefit Think Bicycles.  Wowsers, thanks for tossing your change in there!  This season the can that Can is working to benefit the Iowa City Shelter House.

You seem to have an Iowa City bike lane in your bottom bracket shell.

Bicycle friendly indeed!

Oompa-loompas gathering up all the pixie dust around town:


Which, of course, makes it a good time to finally scrub all the salt & sand off the bike.


MASI Speciale CX, with  MK Fenders, Salsa stainless bottle cages, Crank Bros Candy 2’s, Continental Gatorskins.

Just add racks and bags,  then go ride around Tennessee next week for spring break.

Imagine getting a $3,000 to $12,000 tax rebate this year. Now imagine it coming again and again. Every year it grows by around a thousand dollars.

This article is such a great read.  We not only agree with it, we live it.

It’s amazing how much money can stay in your community when it isn’t being pumped into the gas tank, big insurance, and the auto market.