Cooler than a seed or a bug in a bottom bracket shell?  Maybe an original bi-lingual tag, tucked up under the saddle for all these years!


This saddles innovative “GEL” inner layer absorbs strong impact!  The smooth yet durable cover is made from “LYCRA” (a material similar to that used for diving wear) for comfort!  Do not delay, contact Velo Enterprise Co., ltd. today, and enjoy your ride.  The past is a blast.


Ben’s fine coffee, in our fine mug.


Dual Schwinn Racers.  That is just cool, nothing else to add.


Sand fish, sculpted by our friend Seth.  The whole piece won the Sand in the City contest!

Okay, last wonder, the August Your Change Can Make A Difference Can brought in $52.47 for the Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program, a new record for the Can!  This month the Can will benefit the RVAP.