Think Bicycles is not some new A.I., electric assist, gps enabled, belt drive contraption with a suspension seatpost that is destined to rule the world.  It is a new organization forming right here in Johnson County, Iowa, to promote, advocate and coordinate bicycle events, issues, and groups.  And it is destined to rule the world.

We are excited to be part of this coalition as it forms.  The website is the biggest initiative of the group so far, and it is currently being designed for a launch in mid- to late summer.  For now if you Facebook you can join the page there to keep up with news.

It has been a while since we have had any news to share with you all about the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can, but we are dusting it off and directing its massive fundraising capabilities towards Think Bicycles this month.  The last money from the Can was $50 to Farm Sanctuary last November to help keep turkeys out there a’gobblin’ instead of being a’gobbled.  So come on in and throw some money in the Can, and Think Bicycles!