March 2010

Odyssey Twisted PC pedals!

Spring colors are not just for flowers.

Our shop focuses on commuting, touring, used bikes, solid mechanical work, and sound advice.  We don’t stock the latest and greatest carbon bike bits or hyperlight wheelsets.  But we have a racing team with a roster of Steve!  This past weekend I rode my bike out to Kent Park for the unofficial season opener, the Kent Park Classic.

Photo Angy Snoop

Kent Park is sort of a mass start event, there are over 100 riders out there at once and the categories start at small intervals.  I rode in the 30+ category and tasted the sweet flavor of victory!  Over the one other person that rode the 30+…

How did I do it, you ask?  Well, I rode a steel frame/fork bicycle equipped with MK Wood Fenders!  Wood is natures carbon fiber, you know?  Also, to build the raw strength needed to excel on the hills of the four mile Kent Park circuit I did some heavy hauling of steel frames and parts to the salvage yard with the greatest stuff mover known to humankind, the Xtracycle with Bikes at Work Trailer!

Look out stuff, there is none of you that can not be moved by this partnership.  And look out racers, with more heavy hauling to be done I will only be getting stronger!  Roar.

The 30¢ squad has a flexible race schedule, but look for it/me at the Sylvan Island Stampede, the Old Capital Criterium (if I can talk myself into it), the Almanzo 100, the Dirty Kanza 200, and that is as far as I have planned but there are sure to be others so stay tuned!

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with another human-powered business, Ciclismow.  Serving the Iowa City area Ciclismow uses a reel mower and electric trimmer to provide quality lawn care.  All equipment is hauled by bicycle and trailer.  This unique business is the way to go green this summer.  Ciclismow is currently accepting new accounts at ciclismow [at] hotmail [dot] com.

If you need help with the name, ciclismo is the Spanish term for cycling and is becoming more commonly used in English.  Add mow to the end, and voila!  CICLISMOW!

so he could go ride THIS:

The final touches added today are the Nitto handlebar, stem (or handle extension as they call it on the box), and seatpost.  Neat-o!

On the way to work this morning, Steve & I took a moment to take advantage of the freshly installed Bike Library repair stand outside the New Pioneer Co-op.

Roll your bike right up to the stand.

Heft your bike onto the hook above, or simply lean it against the rails below.

Choose your weapon.

Fix yer bike!

There are tire levers, screwdrivers, hex keys, a torx wrench, and various open-ended wrenches for things like headsets, pedals, and brakes.  And, don’t forget the pump to keep those tires properly inflated!

Special thanks to the Bike Library for making it happen and New Pi for making space for it.

As the shop is getting busier with the onset of Spring, I (Cody) find myself with another bike related responsibility — printing posters for the Des Moines ARTCRANK show.  I’m excited to be a part of this event, which has spread from Minneapolis to several other cities.  Instinct Gallery at the Des Moines Social Club will be host to this round.  Don’t miss the opening celebration on May 8th!

We learned a lot while volunteering at the Iowa City Bike Library.  Our time there helped shape the kind of shop we want to run.  One of the biggest lessons we learned was that it is possible to have green thumbs under all the grease.  Not the growing plants kind, but the Earth friendly kind.

We recycle all we can, that is an easy one.  None of the tires or tubes we have replaced have gone to the landfill.  Nada one!  We take our food scrap home and throw it in our compost.  And, we keep as much metal as we can in the system by taking it to salvage yards.

This is what we deal with.  Spent chains, gears, spokes, as well as frames and assorted bent up wheels.

Big bins we have to take with the Bikes at Work Trailer, but this trip was seven boxes of chains and I (Steve) tried it on the Xtracycle.  It was heavy…

We take steel to Ace, down by the Johnson County Fairgrounds, where they have authentic junk yard dogs!  They said the load was not enough to register on their scale?  We will never know how much weight was on there, but I felt good that the Xtrastrong rear wheel I had built for heavy load hauling did not fold in half.

Back at the shop I put the emptied chain boxes in this bike box and took it all to recycling.  A good morning of work, for our shop and the world!

This past weekend one of our favorite customers (besides you, of course) came in to make some changes to his MASI Commuter.  He already had the stylin’ Honjo fenders, but wanted to try a bull horn handlebar with reverse brake levers.  The swap was pretty easy with the removable faceplate stem, and it turned out really nice.

Still single, the well worn rear rim on my (steve) FUJI 1 Speed gave out a couple of weeks ago, so I rebuilt the wheel with a new Sun CR18 rim and it is once again solid, as singlespeed wheels are.

Tomorrow morning Cody and I are going to meet with Ben for a single shot espresso (or two) so we can talk about the return of the Clean Bean Cafe to our storeside parking lot.  Details to follow, we are excited to welcome back the best coffee in town!

March is here, and to celebrate we will once again be open 6 days a week.

Monday 11a-7p

Tuesday – Friday 10a-6p

Saturday 10a-4p

Thought you should know…