Bikes At Work Trailer

Been breaking in the new shop truck, the Edgerunner from Xtracycle.


Recycling hauled over to City Carton.


Also a couple of cycles to be re-cycled and box of parts to the Bike Library. This new design taking the low to the cargo is great and rides super stable, even with a heavy load just on one side, which of course we have tried. Looks like the Bikes at Work trailer will even be able to hitch on there, turning the shop truck into the equivalent of the shop aircraft carrier.

This just in: We don’t need no stinking cars!


Take a look at the history of this car free shop and our Xtracycles and get inspired. Just this morning we hauled all of our scrap metals to the junkyard by bicycle.


YOUR Xtracycle HERE

We just sold our last in stock FreeRad but of course more are on the way.


Whether kids or cargo, both or neither, the Xtracycle can help you do more with your bike, less with your car!

We hosted the amazing traveling Dinner + Bikes roadshow and vegan dinner last weekend. So first, clean house! We even mopped.


Then, we organized a Bikes at Work convoy to pick up all the chairs. We blew that gate doing 8.8 said, “let them cargo bikes roll”


Had to activate the overflow bike parking system at showtime.


And it’s on! =Dinner, bikes and beers as promised, plus the tallest sponsor on earth Brian from Ironweed BP.


The show went on, first Elly Blue and then a movie, Aftermass.


Anne here deserves huge props for luring these fine folks to town, rounding up sponsors and making sure everything ran smoothly for the event – thanks Anne!


Now the party is over and things are back to crowded normal on the floor.


Thanks to everyone who came out for a great night with Dinner + Bikes – take the lane!


And we are back. The break was good, and needed, and many miles were ridden and beers drank and coffees too. And a couple of few (five?) bike crashes as well. The good life! But it was not all relaxation, there was some work, too. Like coming into the shop for a day to build up this Surly Disc Trucker with purdy MK Fenders. A great bike for the last build of 2012.


And the first bike of 2013 to be built up was this stunningly light and purdy Masi Evoluzione with 11 speed Dura Ace group. This is a bike that looks good leaning against a cardboard box!


Wowsers, 15 lbs 13 oz with reflectors computer cages and pedals according to the shop scale.

Back to the heavy lifters (which are more our style) we did some remodling in the shop here and so had to gather some materials with the zero emission Xtracyle / Bikes at Work / Super Duty- Dual Piston-Overhead Cam-Sport Utility Vehicle with onboard safety and navigation “Brain”. Which is an actual human brain.


A bigger and better repair area along with more display space.


All over but the painting. And another year of work of course. Hope to see you soon!

The Xtracycle has been hard at work lately.

Recycling the recycle-ables.

Salvaging the metals.

And just enjoying the occasional longer ride out and about to see what’s new. Like this new bike rack and FixIt bike repair stand at the New Pi Coop in Coralville. Good work!

We inherited a few too many doors with our expanded shop space.

After looking at them for 8 months we decided to move them out so someone who could actually use them could have them. We also had a bit of recycling that needed to go, so loaded up the Xtracycle, hooked up the Bikes at Work Trailer, and made for the Iowa City ReStore!

Right up to the donation doors, luckily they accepted them – but who can pass up a Porsche / Quaker State poster?

Then over to the recycle bins to unload some more.


Always rock star parking for the bikes. Got some bike hooks at a great price, and a new door, (sigh), and got to ride it all back to the shop in the pouring rain. Door to door!

Which of these bike boxes are not like the others?

People can argue and debate the aero benefits and features of different bike designs all they like, but put the boxes they come in on a bike trailer and take them to recycle in a stiff crosswind and the pros and cons are moot points.

Oh yeah, disaster can even strike the car free liver! But (after a photo for blog purposes) there is no need for a scene, a tow truck, a call to the insurance company or even the police. Kicker the tractor, flip the trailer back up and on you are on your way, hoping the wind does not gust again this trip. (it did)


We have our new space mostly prettied up now!  The floor was (hopefully) the biggest hurdle.

It was kind of “aesthetically challenged” so we ground it and buffed it and even washed it.

Using our Bikes at Work Trailer sans bike to lug stuff over.  Works like a charm!

Sneak peek of floor, south facing window sunlight bounty, and the wall soon to be covered in lots and lots of bike stuff!

We managed to open our little bike shop here in 5 weeks, so just expanding it into the new space should take, um, half that?  We dunno, but we will keep you posted.  In any case, don’t worry, we will be open throughout this process!  Things are underway, our signs have been moved to the south wall of the building where our door will be, and our big windows are scheduled to be installed early next week in those big window looking spaces.

In the meantime we are doing what we can now, like cleaning out our salvage metals and recycling.

The steel went yesterday with the ease only an Xtracycle and Bikes at Work Trailer can provide.

Then, a Craftsperson rolling tool chest came back to better organize our tools and handily roll around.  Like when moving it next door, for example.

Steve has been without an X for a few months, and it finally got to him, so a new longtail came together over the weekend.

The once sleek singlespeed MASI Speciale Commuter got a WALD basket up front and Xtracycle FreeRadical attachment with drive side wideloader in back.

The FSA Patterson Transmission got the call and initial impressions are all smiles, the gearing range (28t/45t) is pretty ideal for Xtracycling when empty or loaded.

Mission Control.  Suntour power shifters, a computer to tell the time and keep track of yearly hauling mileage, and the bell I was awarded for that one time I rode over 300 miles across Iowa on gravel roads keeps an eye on me and alerts anyone who needs alerting to my presence.

Suntour derailler handles the 9 speed cassette with ease.  That  handbuilt rear wheel has proven time and again that it can carry it’s own weight, so to speak.

For those really long loads the Bikes at Work trailer hitch tucks in nicely with a chunk of rim shim.

Tested it out first for home and then shop recycling.

And assorted canister relocation projects.

Then, to replace the MASI as the go fast townie it hauled my old LeMond Poprad down to the shop this morning for it’s makeover.  If you have a bike, and stuff, and want to move both of them from place to place together, we highly recommend an Xtracycle as a great way to do it!

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