Hello December! As is our custom we will be closing on the afternoon of the 24th and will not re-open until Next Year! (2015 if you’re keeping count) But we have 21 days open yet this year so let’s make a deal with a weird Monty Hall twist.

Starting today all in stock new bikes and total receipts over $100 you can take 21% off the total. Tomorrow it drops to 20% (20 days to go) and then 19% the day after that, 18%, etc, and this is ALL new bikes even if they are already on sale.

photo (1)

Full Carbon Masi road bike for $1100?!?! Yup, today – tomorrow it is $1116

Yep, you can grab a bike for up to 36% off depending on it’s current sale price! Check our SALES & SPECIALS page to see what is on sale already and remember this sale also covers ALL IN STOCK REGULARLY PRICED NEW BIKES!

Detroit A-Type? 21% off today!

Bianchi Lupo? 20% off tomorrow!

Surly Disc Trucker? 19% off Wednesday!

Bianchi Cortina? 18% off  Thursday!

Bacchetta Giro 20? 17% off Friday!

Got it?

Don’t forget this applies not only to bikes but to ALL receipts totaling $100 or more for accessories, apparel, and parts over. So Arkel bags over $100 (already 20% off) take another 21% today and counting down until the end of our year!

Sorry does not apply to labor or used bikes, we got a fish to feed ya know!

photo (11)


The drivetrain goes to 48. Look, right across the board, 2 by 3, by 8. And most bikes go up to 24? Exactly. Does that mean it’s faster?


Well, it’s one faster isn’t it? It’s not 24. You see most blokes, you know, will be pedaling a 1x3x8 drivetrain. Your in 24th gear there, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up you’re in 24th on your bike. Where can you go from there? Where? Nowhere. exactly.


What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff you know what we do? We add a second manual shift chainring  for 2x3x8. This one goes to 48!

Okay folks, while they are putting the finishing touches on the removal of my sanity, and getting ready to pour new concrete out front while they are at it, so we are going to have a sale to try and entice you to come visit us! So this week all new in stock bikes are 10% off, and you can take another 10% off the new bikes we already have on sale.

MASI Partenza, Inizio and Evo (now $1435) road bikes!

Bianchi Cortina comfort bikes! Milano city bikes! Iseo fitness bikes!

SURLY LHT and Disc Trucker!

MASI CXR (now $1066) and CX Comp bikes!

Bacchetta Giro 20 recumbents!

MARIN Muirwoods and Hamilton urban 29’ers!



The local 1% option sales tax just expired, too, so push through that construction to buy a sale bike and pay less sales tax! It’s win/win except for all the dust.

We got some bags in for your smart phone. Bikase offers the Handy Andy –  fits Iphone (in a case too), Androids, Samsung Galaxy, you name it. We also have a hard shell case from Zixtro that clips on and off the bike and fits handlebars from 25.4 – 31.8.

mug not for sale – Class of ’83 RULES!

We also have Bacchetta recumbents in stock now! The Giro 20 is from their touring line and is spec’ed with a very solid component group. The wheels and frame are disc brake compatible if you wanted to make that upgrade in the future. We have the Giro 20 in both sizes, and will be filling out the Bacchetta line as the summer goes, so come take a laid back test ride.

Finally, the summer haircuts are back!