December 2012

Open from 10-3 today, Monday December 24th

CLOSED Tuesday December 25th thru Sunday January 13th

Reopening Monday January 14th at 10 am

Happy holidays!

Built up this 2 speed kick back coaster brake wheel. Twice!

Had to build it twice because the first hub had issues with the braking surface of the hub shell. Fun! The wheel, and the curvey cool Schwinn Paramount Sprint that it was built for, look pretty comfortable even in a snow pile. And how great is it that we finally have a shop snow pile! Woo-hoo for winter.


According the serial number and my interpretation of it this frame was the 15th built in January of 1975. Amazing that it can handle a 700×35 tire! And fenders and a seatpost rack and a handlebar child seat, too.

This is one of the last cool bikes we will work on this year because:

We are closing early December 24th & will not reopen til Monday, January 14th!!


But we are still on normal hours today and tomorrow, and there is lots of good stuff on sale down here, so drop in and check it out if you need snowshoes, or studded tires. Or lights, or a new bike! Or a used tandem? Or even an old chain for an art project or a box of old tubes for a gardening project or something. Or a new bag or even some gloves. Or just to say hi!

Thanks for a great year everyone, it’s been great working for you, and if we don’t see you before our break we will see you:

Next Year!

Local artist and all around bike rider Josh knows a thing or two about a thing or three.


He took his vision of a convenient and stylish headset mounted lock bracket and made it reality.


Custom cast aluminum headset spacer with skull holds a lock and says don’t mess.

A collection of things and happenings from the last week.


Early morning rides in Iowa generally offer a moment of profound beauty. Or foggy misty rainy sleet sometimes.


We built up this Surly Cross Check commuter this week. It’s green and pink and white, mostly.


Not everyone is a fan…


Another view of that Surly, a vision realized.


And look what we got in the mail this week, Happy Holidays everyone!