November 2012

If you liked LOG from Blammo, and who didn’t?

Then you are going to love all the great bike parts made by Grammo!


Like these pink cantilever brakes that are going on a hospital foamy Surly Cross Check commuter build we are starting on. Pink all over the place, you’ll see when we get it done. In other revolutionary consumer products that make your life even more worth living, lets talk chainguards like this one here on this super fine Ira Ryan commuter / racing bike.


Bicycle chains and the Common North American Driveside Pantleg are natural and bitter enemies. Many peacemakers have attempted to end the conflict. Steel leg bands, velcro leg bands with added reflective capability, even the bulldog clip has been tried but they can only broker temporary truce arrangements, they can’t stop the lubeshed. The chainguard, however, can and does!


So if you are tired of grimy pantlegs and looking for them durned pantleg peacemakers every time you want to take a ride consider if a chainguard is right for you.

What’s the big deal, what can you do with 2 dollars anyways?

You can score an amazing condition 3 speed Raleigh at a garage sale, that’s what. Throw a new chain on it and relax the gearing (16 tooth switched out for a 21), overhaul the hubs, the headset and the bottom bracket, put on new grips and brake pads.

The tubes are even still good, and although this one is not a Raleigh original like the front it was made in the USA. Priceless.

Dan Marino has long been involved in the winter clothing industry first with Isotoner gloves and then with the signature wool he developed.

Now his famously soft and warm Marino wool is available in a cap from 45 North, the Greazy. One size fits all and oh so versatile and stylish – in stock now!

As the temps are dropping our winter gear is back on the floor in force, don’t hide from winter – kick its ass and have a great time doing it! Yaktrax, & Surly singlespeed hubs will keep you moving by bike or foot no matter how greazy it might get outside.

Studded tires from Nokian and 45 North don’t just look badass, they are! Snowshoes from Crescent Moon are made in the USA, just like Iowa snow.

Pearl Izumi lobster gloves are awesome, Steve is still using a pair he bought 20 years ago, and DeFeet wool liners are another shop favorite.

And we still have a few Soma arm and leg warmers left in the sale basket. So keep on walking and tromping and riding! To work! For fun! For fitness! For ever!

Want to let you all know about a couple of exciting upcoming events. First, this Saturday November 10th at 12:30 pm you can join Michelle Gin for lunch next door at the Trumpet Blossom. Michelle was the sole US representative to the International Peace Bike Tour from Nagasaki to Hiroshima. A talk about her  bike tour and experiences will follow at 2 pm so check out one or stay for both.

We are proud to have sponsored Michelle with financial support and equipment for her 600 km ride to rid the world of all things nuclear!

The next weekend, November 16th – 18th, the Jingle Cross Rock returns to the Johnson County Fairgrounds bringing bar banging bicycle battles back to bear!

Er, bare? We are sponsoring the Women’s Beginner race all 3 days, and 30¢ Squadateer Leader Steve will be racing (riding?) the singlespeed events on  Saturday and Sunday. Come on down to ride, race, watch, volunteer, sing, drink, photograph and / or just run around in your undewear!

Own that bike rack!

We assembled this 3 speed Papillionaire for a customer, solid bike and nice style, too.

Speaking of style, this Trek has it all over the place! If you are not familiar with Trek bicycles they are a small American company that builds only the finest lugged steel bicycles just over the border there in Wisconsin. They don’t even have a website, just catalogs made of paper! Anyways, we added the SKS Longboard fenders, PDW fenderbot, Nitto Campee rear rack to match the front, and put mustard on it.

Mustard colored Brooks leather wrap, that is. Really a beautiful bike with Phil Wood / Open Pro wheelset, those wacky Paul brakes that need special mounts brazed to the frame, and other thoughtful bits all the way around.

In other Made In the USA pretty bike news, Steve’s Ira Ryan is back on the road!

After a successful racing career including a win, a top ten and a top twenty finish this beautiful machine will now see serious duty both around and out of town commuting and training. And bike rack owning!

October is over and that means many things.

No more zombie songs, shorter days, we move to winter hours, and our generator wheel deal returns!

Next Monday, the 5th, we will start our winter hours, 10-5:30 M-F, 10-4 Saturdays.

Also, for the second year we will be offering a semi custom handbuilt generator wheel with headlight deal.

Shimano DH-3D72 centerlock disc brake compatible Dynamo hub, Sun CR18 rim and Planet Bike Blaze light for $230. That breaks down to half price for the hub and 10% off the rim, spokes and light when you spring for the package. We can swap in an Alfine generator hub if you prefer, or use a different rim, 26″, 700c, 20″ for you recumbantaneers or commuting kids, whatever you like so come in and take a look and light that night. Yes!