June 2012

Over a week passes and we suddenly realize we haven’t updated the blog. We get so busy we tend to think things like, “nothing’s really happening around here, it’s just hectic.” But, lo! We take another look around, remember to bring out the camera once in a while, and whaddaya know, loads of stuff are blog-worthy.

This lil’ feller (or not-so-little if you note the chainguard) got some much needed grease in all the right parts and will soon get a re-covered seat. Revamped for the grandkids, old is new!

Disenchanted with your road bike? Swap that handlebar to something a bit more cruise-y and rediscover your bicycle bond. New adventures await!

In the case of the Masi CX Uno, new is new. Set up for commuter and light-tour duty, the CX Uno is ready to excel.

Next time somebody calls you a grease ball, just think of our little friend here at the shop, a literal ball of grease scraped from a fancy road derailleur.

Got some block to move?



Well, okay, we put this FreeRad on here for a family to haul their 2 kids (additional passenger accessories in the mail), but you could move block with it if you were inclined.

We got some bags in for your smart phone. Bikase offers the Handy Andy –  fits Iphone (in a case too), Androids, Samsung Galaxy, you name it. We also have a hard shell case from Zixtro that clips on and off the bike and fits handlebars from 25.4 – 31.8.

mug not for sale – Class of ’83 RULES!

We also have Bacchetta recumbents in stock now! The Giro 20 is from their touring line and is spec’ed with a very solid component group. The wheels and frame are disc brake compatible if you wanted to make that upgrade in the future. We have the Giro 20 in both sizes, and will be filling out the Bacchetta line as the summer goes, so come take a laid back test ride.

Finally, the summer haircuts are back!

Too busy to blog around here, so we will just share some photos of the happenings!

Xtracycle on a Klein? Yes!

Beauty! Michelin World Tour tires, natural cork grips and a shiny WALD rack.

Full custom install, drilling holes, cutting stuff, drilling other holes.

Our bigger space is filling right up, today we are building new Bacchetta recumbents to take up even more floor space! These will be in stock and on the floor, so if you are interested in recumbents come take a test ride.

You got kid(s) to haul and wondering how to manage with your bicycle?

Biker Babes/Kidical Mass: a gathering for families who bike with small children, or would like to. Tomorrow, Saturday June 2nd! 

 North Market Square (at Fairchild and Johnson)

2:00-3:00: Playground time, snacks, admiring of kids, trying out each other’s rigs (bring a finger-food snack to share if you want)

3:00: Group “kidical mass” bike ride from North Market Square to Creekside Park (off Muscatine at Fifth)


Feel free to join for either part or both—those without their own kid-bike setups are especially welcome to come to the first part!