February 2011

Cody has an Austro Daimler touring bike.

Comic of AD ownership by Cody G

A busy day at the shop required a late night to finish the repairs.  Might have been upset about it, but it was to finish up work on this sweet Austro Daimler mixte.

Go ahead and click on the picture and take a closer look.  That is a Reynolds 531 frameset.  And Phil Wood hubs laced to Super Champion  700c rims.  And Dura Ace headset, bottom bracket, crankset, front brake, and front derailler.

What is dusty, greasy, and awesome all over?

It cleaned up oh so nice – lookit that gleam!

Another quality upright conversion, and another old road bike back where it belongs.  On the road!

As the weather outside bumps and hiccups its way towards spring, the atmosphere here in the shop is heating up, too.  The repair bikes are stacking up, our used bikes are going and new bikes are being ordered.  A big part of the coming season will surely revolve around that ol’ ride across Iowa, because it is coming right here to Coralville, if you had not heard.  The Press Citizen did an article about getting ready for it and quoted Steve about the early interest we are seeing here at the shop.

We also recieved a mention on the Adventure Cycling blog about used bikes and the bike shops that sell them.  We believe so strongly in the value of good used bikes it is nice to see more press about them.  Remember – your new bike is used as soon as you ride it!  As a shop nominated for the Braxton Bike Shop Award we were given a free membership with all the benefits in the Association.  But we are already members!  Leave us a comment here about why you deserve a free membership to Adventure Cycling and it is yours – best reason takes it!



As a commuter / touring focused shop we deal with lots of fenders.  We stock Planet Bike Hardcore and Cascadia in most sizes and a few colors.  Great performing fenders, and we love PB’s 25% mission, too.  We have the beautiful and handmade in Iowa MK fenders here for you to check out.  We love SKS fenders, too, and stock the seatpost clip on X3.  We have ordered many full coverage sets for people that love their style and performance.

Now we are stocking Axiom fenders for road bikes.  The tight geometry of road bikes, as well as the caliper brakes, can make fitting fenders difficult.  Axiom has addressed this by notching out the front fender and reinforcing the area with a riveted steel bridge.

These have a full mudflap, too, so if you have a roadbike in need of fenders these might be just the ticket.  Keep your feet dry and your back clean on your spring rides with fenders!

Last night BIC had a shop expo at the Coralville Library.  This is how we got our stuff there.

But that is not why we are here.  We are here to show off this beautiful old bike.  It came to us with some very sad rims, and we rebuilt the wheels.

Sun CR18’s are available in the 26×1 3/8 size and they took 3 pounds off the bike.  40 hole 3 cross in the back, 32 hole 3 cross up front.  And once you get all those old spokes out of the way you can really clean those hubs up before you lace the new ones in!


This bike will be ridden on the Lake Pepin 3 Speed Tour this spring.  No more dented and hammered steel rims, vastly improved braking on the aluminum surface, and lighter where it counts the most.

This morning we went to a meeting to get everyone going on making Think Bicycles the online go-to place for info on cycling in Johnson County.  If you are looking for rides, news, pictures, reports, ramblings or ideas about riding bikes around here make a habit of checking that website.  We added the link to our home page over there  ======>

And speaking of thinking bicycles, spring is just around the corner, and if you are not already riding around out there with rosy cheeks and chilly toes you might be thinking about getting out there soon.  We just built this Bianchi Vigorelli for a customer who is ready to roll a bit faster than he did last year on his cyclocross bike.  This is a nice steel frame / carbon fork with a Shimano 105 group.  We also upgraded the wheels to the Eastons, those red hubs look pretty sharp.

So if you are looking for a new bike, or need to get your bike in for a tune up, or are just ready to go out and ride your bike – Think Bicycles!

Does all this winter make you angry?   Don’t get mad – get even!

Run over that snow and ice with metal spikes, not some cushy soft rubbery tire.  We have a set of 700×40 Nokians left, and now 26×1.9 Mount & Grounds.  Get ’em while it’s cold!

You might have heard that it snowed a bit last night?  Undeterred, we decided it was a good day to leave the bikes at home and snowshoe to the shop.  We saw a guy skiing down the street, too!

It might be a bit slow here today, so to lure you out to visit us we offer a today only sale of 20% off ALL instock accessories! Let’s just call it our 1st annual Groundhog Day Sale.  Yep, whatever we got.  You need pedals, lights, locks, helmets, lubes, bells, grips, baskets, bags, racks, YakTrax, bottles, seats, fenders, tires, handlebars, brake levers, deraillers, chains, wheels – whatever accessories we have in stock!