January 2012

Sometimes, like X Men evolution, our shop organization takes a giant leap forward.

still working on our totally ripped biceps

A real clothing rack! Made out of an old Campy rim / Nuke Proof hub wheel. Finally we have a place to show off our awesome shop jerseys and shirts. Now if you want to look at one all the rest of them (or a helmet) won’t fall on the ground and get dirty / roll away! We need more hangers.

Not down with the darwinian theory or comic book characters? The MASI Evoluzione will grant you the super speedy superpower you seek with no waiting for generations or messy skeletal grafts.

See the camera reflection?  Cool!

And, for no good reason other than we noticed, check out our bike shop signs in another dimension, here they are reflected in the windows across the street. See us on the flipside!

Dear car:  It’s over, I met someone else.

And you can take the TV with you.

I’m going to be okay!


After much consideration we have decided that it is easier to open a bike shop than to move one.

But we are getting there, er, here! In non-moving news, winter finally seems to have found us here in Iowa City. In addition to our normal winter cycling enhancement products like studded tires and generator hub set ups, fenders, and internally geared hubs and we are expanding our stock in other areas to keep you warm and walking!

Winter gloves are a new addition to our ever expanding apparel section. The Lobster mitts from Pearl Izumi are a Steve favorite, he is still using a pair he bought in 1994!

We also have Yaktrax and are starting to carry Crescent Moon snowshoes, too.

We took an Amtrak trip out to Colorado for a week over our break  to top off our spiritual rechargeable batteries and do a little snowshoe testing, too. We stayed at the Shadow Mountain Guest Ranch and we highly recommend it.  An overnight on the train will get you there and back, and they will gladly pick you up and drop you off at the station in Granby.  Back to snowshoe review, the Crescent Moon’s were pretty awesome with a simple and effective binding and toe spikes to help us get up those steep mountain sides. Don’t hide from winter – enjoy it, we do!

SOPA. PIPA. what a bunch of BLEEPA!  Don’t take our word for it, Google it.  Or Wiki it.

Sign the petitions, write the reps, the future of our bike shop blog being cool depends on it!

Today is the first day open in the new space, right next to our old space! Door is on the south side now, facing Prentiss, come on in.

And happy Martin Luther King Day, too!