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Hello December! As is our custom we will be closing on the afternoon of the 24th and will not re-open until Next Year! (2015 if you’re keeping count) But we have 21 days open yet this year so let’s make a deal with a weird Monty Hall twist.

Starting today all in stock new bikes and total receipts over $100 you can take 21% off the total. Tomorrow it drops to 20% (20 days to go) and then 19% the day after that, 18%, etc, and this is ALL new bikes even if they are already on sale.

photo (1)

Full Carbon Masi road bike for $1100?!?! Yup, today – tomorrow it is $1116

Yep, you can grab a bike for up to 36% off depending on it’s current sale price! Check our SALES & SPECIALS page to see what is on sale already and remember this sale also covers ALL IN STOCK REGULARLY PRICED NEW BIKES!

Detroit A-Type? 21% off today!

Bianchi Lupo? 20% off tomorrow!

Surly Disc Trucker? 19% off Wednesday!

Bianchi Cortina? 18% off  Thursday!

Bacchetta Giro 20? 17% off Friday!

Got it?

Don’t forget this applies not only to bikes but to ALL receipts totaling $100 or more for accessories, apparel, and parts over. So Arkel bags over $100 (already 20% off) take another 21% today and counting down until the end of our year!

Sorry does not apply to labor or used bikes, we got a fish to feed ya know!

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A couple of shots from around the shop this week.

photo (28)

All the Bianchi colors lined up and in stock!

photo (30)

We just finished up this Bianchi Pista build for a customer that opted for bullhorn bars instead of drops. Long and low that is the tempo!

And we got another one a them fad bike things in – oh sorry meant FAT bike.

photo (30)

10% off too, which brings it just under $50/lb

photo (29)

We also got in a couple of the Bianchi Via Nirone 7’s for stock and have the fabulous Bianchi Lupo in a wide range of sizes if you have been thinking about giving cyclocross a try. Or, you know, if you just want a kick ass versatile bike. Lots of 2014 bikes on sale now so come in and see if one might be right for you, and meet our fish, too!

photo (1)

We got a Betta and he is a pretty little guy


We keep harpin’ on our impending move, we know.  It may just be wearing thin.  But, here’s the thing — we’re moving, right?  And, the less stuff we have to schlep, the better.  So, how does 15% off everything in the shop sound?  Including select bikes, like this here Pugsley:

This last-ditch effort to lighten our load is effective immediately until we close for three weeks on Saturday at 2pm.  Come buy some stuff fer cheap!!  Like:

• Arkel bags

• Bianchis

• Nokian studded tires

• SKS Longboard fenders

• Really, almost everything I see as I look around the shop


Stuff not included in the sale would be used bikes and special order items.  Long Haul Truckers are not included, only because we’ve already got them marked down.  If you have questions about specific items, do ring-a-ding on our telephone, or send us some ones and zeros.

We got our second delivery of new studded tires today.

45North is the brand, we have the 700c Polara and 26″ Arcwelder.  We still have a pair of Kenda 26″ and a pair of Nokian 700c plus one lonely Nokian 26″ Mount N Ground.  More Nokians to come, but if you are looking to get a jump on winter we can help.

If you prefer to squash the snow into submission instead of poking it with sharp carbide bits we have you covered, with the Surly Pugsley.  We have an 18″ complete here for test riding and general ogling.

Or there is the Schlick Cycles Northpaw.  We built up our first last week and it was released into the wild over the weekend.  Hard to miss so if you see it around don’t be too shy to say hi!

Built just over the next hill by the man with the steadiest hands, the grizzliest of the West Branch Bears – Tom Teesdale!

Look out winter, here we come.


We have been getting in some bikes from Schlick Cycles.

We built this Smitty up for a customer to be an ultimate commuter bike.  The TET built frameset is completed with a solid batch of components highlighted by the Alfine 8 IGH rear wheel and the Schwalbe Big Apple 29’er tires.  They ain’t made the pothole this bike can’t handle!

Just in, we got our first Northpaw yesterday and should have it built up this week.

Under 4 pounds for the size large frame, look for this one on top of a snowdrift near you this winter.

Also currently in the shop from Schlick we have their snappy single speed road option, Simplified.

It is a 52cm with a handbuilt wheelset, Surly hubs to Sun Venus rims.  It is here for a test ride, and if you like it so much you can just take it home with you for $1195

The touring presentation last night was good clean fun.  We were treated to some beautiful photos and cold beers, as well as a few shocking stories.  Gorilla Gluing a stem into place on a loaded touring bike, for instance.


We now return our attention to the ongoings of the shop.  It seems that every time we turn around a few more new bikes sneak in.  Some of the beauties include:

The Bianchi Iseo for in-town commuting as well as longer, speedier road rides.

The Marin Muirwoods urban 29er, fully geared for versatility.

Or, if all you need is a couple gears on your urban 29er, the Marin Hamilton has a Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback hub.

Or, if a 29er just isn’t quite enough, there’s always another option.

And, we have some of the last Milanos available in the US.  A variety of gear options found among the Alfine, the Citta, and the Parco.

Better late than never (and just in time for the weekend so you might have time to read it all) here is the 30¢ Squad report from the 2011 Dirty Kanza 200.  All in all a great trip!  Highly recommend the event if you are looking for a dawn to dusk (or dark) bicycle adventure.  There are many other reports from the day over at the event website, and there is a great set of photos over there, too, if you are curious to get a better idea of what the ride is all about.

Back in the shop, we are happy and proud to announce that we are Schlick Cycles dealers!  We have this demo bike here now, feel free to come down and check it out, take it for a ride, buy it even, we don’t mind.  Check out their website for all the details, but know that the company is based in Milwaukee, WI and the the frames are made in West Branch, Iowa, by master framebuilder Tom Teesdale.

Lots of options for these bikes, belt drive, sliding Paragon drops, internal geared hubs, paint options, you can even go full custom on the frame design if you like.  The many benefits of working with a small company that wants to put you on the best bike you have ever ridden.

Belt drive has us very excited here at the shop and we keep thinking about how great it would be on a winter bike.

We had the Schlick Smitty here as a demo for the last couple of months and it not only got lots of comments sitting on the floor here but induced big smiles after each and every test ride.

Schlick also offers a fatbike, the Northpaw, we should have a demo in here by early August.  And check out the Shark!

Show us a cooler looking bike and we’ll throw a rock at it!

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