August 2010

We installed another set of MK Fenders last week.

This Atlantis has long been one of the best looking bikes in town, and the owner thought long and hard about which fenders would look best.  This set has small inlays that complement the frame color nicely.  All our in stock MK Fenders are on sale, come on down and check out what might look good on your bike!

Or course you could go with the old reliable piece of driftwood, zip-tie and saran wrap route.

We sell Arkel panniers.  We like that they are well made, and in Canada.  They have a huge selection ranging from commuting to touring to everything in between and even outside of those lines.  And they have an amazing guarantee!  And they make bags in lots of colors!!  And when we call them they answer the phone bonjour!!!!

And their Utility Basket can hold a 15 lb cat with ease so he can take his nap.

Yesterdays morning ride yielded more than just physical and mental health benefits.

I also found $7 on the side of the road, and later a 13mm Craftsman wrench – which, as providence would have it, was the one wrench missing from my bench!

Yesterday was not just productive on the bike, it was also productive fixing the bike.  In particular, the IC Ecocab with the broken axle.  Our efforts to find a replacement part were unsuccessful, so we enlisted the help of local Mr. Fixit, Michael Webb.

He welded the axle back together at his shop, and heat treated it to help it withstand the rigors of pedicabbery.

The mock up of how it would go back together, with the repaired axle looking good as new.

All done except for the passenger fuselage install.

Back in business.  When you see an IC Ecocab downtown, hop in and let them take you for a ride, and if you need your pedicab or tractor repaired, call Mr Fixit!  (We can connect you with him – serious inquiries only)

It is no secret that we love xtracycle, and now we are direct dealers of their fine products!  I (Steve) have been using mine for almost a year now, and I can honestly say that it is the only bike of mine that, if stolen or broken, would have to be replaced – and immediately.  It has become indispensable to me, and I can pay xtracycle no higher complement than that.

We built up this beautiful MASI Soulville to a FreeRadical to be our display bike.  That means it will be here for you to test ride, every day.

Unless we are using it to run recycling, but of course that just takes a few minutes…

The power plant is a Sturmey Archer 8 speed internal with a disc brake (203mm rotor!!) that we built up just for this project.  Solid, quiet, shiny, dependable, beautiful!

To account for the internal hub set up and the extralong Soulville chainstays we had to make our own attachment plates, out of old crankarms!  They are as stout as they should be for heavy load hauling, and their bends nestle nicely between the stays to keep everything snug.

Come on down if you would like to check it out or just to talk longtail bikes, don’t let this revolution pass you by!

No gaudy borders necessary, this early 90’s bike was factory spec Glamour-Spoked!

It has been here for a few days and gotten lots of comments, mostly along the lines of “Whoa!” or “I used to have…”  A nice piece of history it is, USA on the fork, full Shimano 600 group, original wheels and tires, saddle, maybe even that bar tape.  At least we hope so.