May 2012

Over the long weekend Steve was given the greatest gift a small business owner can get, time off! So he loaded up the 29’er and rode to snake alley.

Loaded Salsa SS to Burlington by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

The way to Columbus Junction on the gravel roads is pretty well known, but he tried out googlemaps bike there directions to get him the rest of the way. There a still a couple of bugs to work out of their system, even in Iowa we don’t consider this a bike route!

Still, the directions were mostly solid, quiet gravel roads and a couple of surprises, like this old tunnel.

The racing was fun to watch, and it was good to see some old friends and offer nothing but positive encouragement to the hard working racer types. And it was good to drink a few beers while doing it, yes. Spent the night in Burlington, then up early to try and beat the heat on the ride back. Reversed the route to Columbus Junction, which went a bit smoother this time after learning the way a bit on the way down.

The heat beating thing did not work out too well, it was a hot one, but the walk in beer cooler in Riverside was a treat. Swung wide out on the Gritty Brevet course to get some bonus time and miles, barely eeked out 100 for the day.

Loaded Salsa SS home by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

All in all it was a great trip. I tried out new bags from Revelate, the big seat bag held sleeping bag and all clothes for the weekend, the handlebar sling took care of the tent, and the stem bag kept the camera handy as well as food and directions. Used a hydration pack as well for tools and a few odds and ends like toothbrush and such. Very impressed with the way it all rode, looking forward to a real mountain bike trip with them next time I can score time off!

Best to start ’em early on the unicycle.

Bike to Work Week may be over, but it never really ends you know. Why just this morning I rode to work!

Our breakfast here at the shop was a great time. Dustin Busch played, State Senators mingled with City Councilors, people ate delicious Trumpet Blossom Cafe food, we gave away some Arkel bags, and we just barely almost didn’t run out of Wake Up Iowa City coffee more than once. Or did we?

Ah well, everyone rode bikes! The week was packed with stuff to do for bike commuters and it was good to see new events this year.

Yepp, Bike to Work Week is really bike everywhere you can, so bike on everyone, and we will see ya ’round the bike racks.

If you are only going to ride your bike to work one week this year, do it next week! As the Bicycle Justice League says, “this is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school; to save money or time; to preserve your health or the environment; to explore your community or get to your destination, get involved in Bike Month in your city or state — and help get more people in your community out riding too”

To help usher in the Bicycle Spirit with the bicycle, tricycle and kiddie trailer, we are hosting a breakfast next Monday morning, May14th, right here at the shop from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning. Rain or shine, work or day off, come on down and hang out with us. We are going to have food by Trumpet Blossom Cafe, and coffee by Wake Up Iowa City! We will also have a drawing for a FREE set of Arkel panniers, and other great bike commuting stuff, too. You can’t win if you don’t ride your bike down here to eat and enter.

Lots of good stuff going on all week, check the schedule HERE and we hope to see you riding your bike!

Big week for Xtracycle here at the shop. We are getting in a longtail full of good stuff!

Got our stock of FreeRadical Classic kits up, plus some new stuff. The Yepp mini is a handlebar mounted seat for children. Parents that have used them rave about them, while the kids just mostly just smile and shyly giggle.

For bigger kids we also will have Pea Pods in stock by the end of the week, with all the stuff you need to safely attach one to your Xtracycle.

Also centerstands, brake adapters, stoker handlebars, and probably some stickers. Come check it out if you are ready to do more with your bike!