December 2011

We have our new space mostly prettied up now!  The floor was (hopefully) the biggest hurdle.

It was kind of “aesthetically challenged” so we ground it and buffed it and even washed it.

Using our Bikes at Work Trailer sans bike to lug stuff over.  Works like a charm!

Sneak peek of floor, south facing window sunlight bounty, and the wall soon to be covered in lots and lots of bike stuff!

We keep harpin’ on our impending move, we know.  It may just be wearing thin.  But, here’s the thing — we’re moving, right?  And, the less stuff we have to schlep, the better.  So, how does 15% off everything in the shop sound?  Including select bikes, like this here Pugsley:

This last-ditch effort to lighten our load is effective immediately until we close for three weeks on Saturday at 2pm.  Come buy some stuff fer cheap!!  Like:

• Arkel bags

• Bianchis

• Nokian studded tires

• SKS Longboard fenders

• Really, almost everything I see as I look around the shop


Stuff not included in the sale would be used bikes and special order items.  Long Haul Truckers are not included, only because we’ve already got them marked down.  If you have questions about specific items, do ring-a-ding on our telephone, or send us some ones and zeros.

We are hard at getting our new space ready.  The signs are up and the windows in!

The phone lines are installed and a new toilet seat is at the ready.  Some schlepping has already begun, which makes a good excuse to test the limits of long bikes.

As per our motto, “Next Year,” we plan to be open in the new space Monday, January 16th.  We will be officially closed for the weeks around the holidays (Dec.25-Jan.16).  Bear in mind, though, we will be available by appointment, so if that bottom bracket seizes or that ratty tire finally blows, email us, call or just swing by.  We may be in the mood for a break in the moving madness to do a little wrenching, chatting, etc!

We ordered a complete sidewall dynamo light set up for a customer through Peter White Cycles.  This is not it.

1/4″ ball bearing included for scale

The new technology is lighter, svelter and brighter.  And more expensive, but you get what you pay for in most things, and in dynamo lighting systems in particular.

And don’t forget we are offering a special deal on handbuilt custom generator wheel setups including headlight while supplies last!  Today we also got our first pair of Crescent Moon snowshoes for stock.  Made in Boulder, PVC free, best bindings in the business according to Backpacker magazine.  Now we are just waiting for that snow we ordered…

More appropriate (I just heard thunder!) to our rainy 50 degree December day, we recently received a couple of sets of the new improved MK Fenders!

Thinner than before, newer excitinger inlay patterns, plus longer for better wrap around the wheel and better spray protection.  Made in Iowa wood fenders – for sure one of our very favorite things!



December 13, 2011

U.S. Safety Board Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers


A federal traffic safety agency is recommending that states prohibit all drivers from using cellphones, for talking or texting.

The National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday that it had voted to recommend the ban on the use of mobile devices by drivers, citing what it said were the risks of distracted driving.

The recommended ban applies to hands-free devices, a recommendation that goes further than any state law to date. The agency said it is recommending that drivers be allowed to use their phones for emergency purposes.

“No call, no text, no update is worth a human life,” said Deborah A. P. Hersman, chairman of the N.T.S.B., an independent federal agency that is responsible for promoting traffic safety and investigating accidents and their causes. It will be up to the states to decide whether they want to follow the agency’s recommendation.

She said the decision was a hard one because such a ban would be unpopular among some people. But she said its time had come, given what she said were growing distractions in the car and the spread of increasingly powerful mobile devices.

“This is a difficult recommendation, but it’s the right recommendation and it’s time,” she said.



There are plenty of webpages out there with tips and hints about locking a bike.  They all tell basically the same story, use a quality lock, lock to something secure like a police station or Linus’ blanket or even an animatronic clown.

And never ever never leave the key in the lock while you are getting coffee.  Just don’t do it!

Or, UI Center for the Book Open House:

Open House means you get to look at and touch work being produced by Center students.  That means handmade books of many shapes, sizes, functions.  Also, letterpressed text and imagery, in books or broadsides or posters (like the above dinosaurs in track suits).  Also, handmade paper of flax, kozo, cotton and abaca to name a few.  There are also unexpected performative dimensions to some artwork.  And, demos!

How does this fit into bike shop news?  Most directly, I (Cody) recently began the certificate program at the Center and spend my days madly dashing between bikes and books.  Less directly, there is a deep rooted connection between the authentic experiences of riding a bike and reading a book, between the technologies of self-propulsion and analog information dissemination.

Check it out!

We managed to open our little bike shop here in 5 weeks, so just expanding it into the new space should take, um, half that?  We dunno, but we will keep you posted.  In any case, don’t worry, we will be open throughout this process!  Things are underway, our signs have been moved to the south wall of the building where our door will be, and our big windows are scheduled to be installed early next week in those big window looking spaces.

In the meantime we are doing what we can now, like cleaning out our salvage metals and recycling.

The steel went yesterday with the ease only an Xtracycle and Bikes at Work Trailer can provide.

Then, a Craftsperson rolling tool chest came back to better organize our tools and handily roll around.  Like when moving it next door, for example.