As the temperatures fluctuate and the snow and ice unpredictably accumulate remember what Bob Harris said in that Japanese commercial. At least we think this is what he said, it was lost in translation.

Suomi times

“For relaxing rides, make it studded tire times.”


As ever we have a whole bunch here, and looking at the forecast they will be useful for relaxing your rides for a while yet.


If we told you we could true this:


It would be a lie.

Dan Marino has long been involved in the winter clothing industry first with Isotoner gloves and then with the signature wool he developed.

Now his famously soft and warm Marino wool is available in a cap from 45 North, the Greazy. One size fits all and oh so versatile and stylish – in stock now!

As the temps are dropping our winter gear is back on the floor in force, don’t hide from winter – kick its ass and have a great time doing it! Yaktrax, & Surly singlespeed hubs will keep you moving by bike or foot no matter how greazy it might get outside.

Studded tires from Nokian and 45 North don’t just look badass, they are! Snowshoes from Crescent Moon are made in the USA, just like Iowa snow.

Pearl Izumi lobster gloves are awesome, Steve is still using a pair he bought 20 years ago, and DeFeet wool liners are another shop favorite.

And we still have a few Soma arm and leg warmers left in the sale basket. So keep on walking and tromping and riding! To work! For fun! For fitness! For ever!

Own that bike rack!

We assembled this 3 speed Papillionaire for a customer, solid bike and nice style, too.

Speaking of style, this Trek has it all over the place! If you are not familiar with Trek bicycles they are a small American company that builds only the finest lugged steel bicycles just over the border there in Wisconsin. They don’t even have a website, just catalogs made of paper! Anyways, we added the SKS Longboard fenders, PDW fenderbot, Nitto Campee rear rack to match the front, and put mustard on it.

Mustard colored Brooks leather wrap, that is. Really a beautiful bike with Phil Wood / Open Pro wheelset, those wacky Paul brakes that need special mounts brazed to the frame, and other thoughtful bits all the way around.

In other Made In the USA pretty bike news, Steve’s Ira Ryan is back on the road!

After a successful racing career including a win, a top ten and a top twenty finish this beautiful machine will now see serious duty both around and out of town commuting and training. And bike rack owning!

Got some block to move?



Well, okay, we put this FreeRad on here for a family to haul their 2 kids (additional passenger accessories in the mail), but you could move block with it if you were inclined.

Have you noticed the work on I 80 happening through Iowa City yet?

Last year they moved the lanes over, now they are breaking this section up to repave it as a bike path with native prairie grasses on the north side, and a line of trees on the south to provide shade and work as a visual / noise block from the ever dwindling motorized traffic. The next phase will see the lanes in between the cycle path and the interstate torn out and train tracks will be put down for the highspeed rail system.


Okay, we expanded and can now ride bikes on test rides inside the shop. What else? Well we started stocking MASI road bikes.

20″ and 24″ kids bikes from Haro.

And Bacchetta recumbents. This one is already sold, but we will have more in stock in April.

Our selection of panniers and the racks that love them has more room to sprawl.

And with so much room we got in even more bags! We have small bags, big bags, blue bags and green bags. Top bags, side bags and handlebar bags.

Waterproof bags, fireproof bags, bags made in Iowa, bags made in Canada, bags made in Mexico. And of course we have the Xtracycle FreeRadical for those of you ready to see just how far your bike can take you. Of course to see everything that’s new you have to stop in, to make it easier we just returned to our slightly longer summer hours. You can find us here from 10-6 Monday thru Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. Hope to see ya!


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