April 2011

Our Bikes at Work trailer is pulling overtime this week.

We had quite the pile of bikes destined for the Bike Library that had accumulated here in our small shop.  Yesterday after work Steve loaded 8 of them onto the trailer and rode them over.

They were closed, but there were smiling volunteers happily working inside and they helped bring them in.

The back room storage facility.  If you have never been in there it is worth a trip just to look.  There is always cool stuff hiding.  Like a 2 wheel drive mountain bike!

Kinda looks like something the Borg would design, no?

Inclines are futile.  You will be ascended…

Bike trailers are awesome.  If you do not have one, you should get one.  Just saying.  While taking shop recycling to City Carton I came across this huge pallet of totally reusable lumber.  So I dropped the recycling and went back for the pallet, which dwarfed our 6′ Bikes at Work trailer set up.

While riding it home a car pulled up alongside and bewilderedly asked what a trailer like that is used for.  I answered, “Hauling pallets!”, and he drove off satisfied, satisfied enough to get himself a bike and trailer?

Two years ago on Earth Day we threw our doors open to the world.  It was symbolic to us, yes, as we believe bicycles are more than just toys (although they are really fun), they are powerful tools that change lives and make our world a better place.

Get on yer bikes and ride!

We’ve been really impressed with the quality of Newbaum’s cotton bar tape, and this wrap job done by one of our customers only adds to our admiration.  We like to keep at least eight of their 14 colors in the shop at all times.

Plus, they are making a clever rim tape.  We’ll have it in stock next week!

Just in case you didn’t know, we are full-fledged Velo Orange dealers.  Our prices are the same as what you find in the VO Imports store, only without shipping expenses.  We order every couple weeks or so, whenever we need a sizable batch of stuff.

Here’s an example of VO fineness:

It’s their new switchable dynamo hub, a versatile little buddy for town, tour or all-around lollygagging.  In stock now!


A little knit graffiti spotted from a bike lane in Goosetown:


O, the creative response to our built environment!


Now that the lovely coffee cart is fully operational just outside the shop, we get to chat with equally lovely people.  Yesterday, Cortnie of the White Rabbit mentioned some cycling caps she has in-stock.  Behold the style:

Made with repurposed fabric by Kozie Prery in Chicago, these caps got the function to match the form.  Check out the multitudinous varieties at KP’s etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KoziePrery

Or, even better, try on one or four over at White Rabbit.