Glamour Spokes


This tandem came in for a dust off and lube up last week. It was purchased at a local auction years ago, and then traded so it seems unlikely to ever trace the origin, which is too bad because this is not your ordinary custom tandem.


The builder cut the back end off a bike and the fork off another bike and welded them together here, leaving the headset and steerer tube in there to hold the stoker handlebar.


Welded a tube between the cut off chainstay nubs.


And secured that tube to the bottom of the back bike with a proper big fat old weld. The back end of the tandem was pretty low, but no problem, just cut a piece of the Ashtabula out and re-weld the crank arms back together, they measured about 155. The timing chainring was the existing on the rear crank, but a drive chainring was added by welding another chainring onto spacers. Rickety? You bet. Kick ass? You bet! The owners want it to roll around the neighborhood and it will continue to do that for sure, this was fun to work on. Mostly :)


One of our favorite sayings here in the shop is Ever Forward! Also, the Future Does Not Exist, which is enough to give you a headache if you think on it too long. With that in mind here is a saddle Brooks introduced earlier this year that the 30¢ Squad has been doing extensive townie testing upon this year. We give it a big thumbs up for your butt! Errr, well it’s a nice saddle that feels broken in right out of the box, and has some serious style futuristic retro style.


Like this 2015 MASI Gran Criterium. Gum wall tires and 11 speed?! Say okay, don’t be a square now. Like us. We switched to Square for our small business (okay – micro business) point of sale cash registering and credit card acceptance needs. No more paper receipts! We can take your Discover card or AmEx even!


Plus we got to clear all this junk off our counter.


And we got to get an iPad which is good for Square. And all kinds of other important bike shop stuff.


30¢B:  So let’s get this straight, you’re Aufderheide? What’s that all about?

photo (4)

BWA: Let Me Google That For You? Like it says on the website, lights, fenders, racks, action.

30¢B: Okay, smartass, we can all see that you are made in the USA by a couple of cool guys out in Portland, OR, and you have not only the best headtube badge in the business but also a custom matching stem and frame pump, but what’s with them shifters?

photo (5)

BWA: They are super cool right? Also from Portland by the way, Gevanalle is the name and durable comfortable precise braking and shifting is the game.

30¢B: Anything else from Portland to show off? And are you the shiniest bike ever?

photo (6)

BWA: Funny you should ask, I count on Fenderbot from PDW to light things up behind me. Small, effective and always there when needed, kind of like me. Now as to your shiny question – yes I am the shiniest bike ever. Lots of Velo Orange components and Nitto Racks, hope they don’t hurt your eyes?

30¢B: Okay you brought it up and mentioned small, what size are you anyways?

photo (7)

BWA: You pig! This interview is over!!

<Aufderheide knocks over Feedback Sports RAKK (which is not easy to do) and storms out the door, bound for anywhere and who knows where>

If you liked LOG from Blammo, and who didn’t?

Then you are going to love all the great bike parts made by Grammo!


Like these pink cantilever brakes that are going on a hospital foamy Surly Cross Check commuter build we are starting on. Pink all over the place, you’ll see when we get it done. In other revolutionary consumer products that make your life even more worth living, lets talk chainguards like this one here on this super fine Ira Ryan commuter / racing bike.


Bicycle chains and the Common North American Driveside Pantleg are natural and bitter enemies. Many peacemakers have attempted to end the conflict. Steel leg bands, velcro leg bands with added reflective capability, even the bulldog clip has been tried but they can only broker temporary truce arrangements, they can’t stop the lubeshed. The chainguard, however, can and does!


So if you are tired of grimy pantlegs and looking for them durned pantleg peacemakers every time you want to take a ride consider if a chainguard is right for you.

Own that bike rack!

We assembled this 3 speed Papillionaire for a customer, solid bike and nice style, too.

Speaking of style, this Trek has it all over the place! If you are not familiar with Trek bicycles they are a small American company that builds only the finest lugged steel bicycles just over the border there in Wisconsin. They don’t even have a website, just catalogs made of paper! Anyways, we added the SKS Longboard fenders, PDW fenderbot, Nitto Campee rear rack to match the front, and put mustard on it.

Mustard colored Brooks leather wrap, that is. Really a beautiful bike with Phil Wood / Open Pro wheelset, those wacky Paul brakes that need special mounts brazed to the frame, and other thoughtful bits all the way around.

In other Made In the USA pretty bike news, Steve’s Ira Ryan is back on the road!

After a successful racing career including a win, a top ten and a top twenty finish this beautiful machine will now see serious duty both around and out of town commuting and training. And bike rack owning!

Fresh builds that came out of the shop last week, both got a handlebar switch.

The Bianchi Cortina dresses up well. Rack, fenders, a handwoven basket and a handlebar switch to a Nitto Northroad all make that brass Crane bell DING.

We sometimes struggle to find the perfect adjective to describe a bike, for this one we can just go with handsome. Yep, we are now Handsome Cycles dealers and while this complete Devil went out the door after being converted from upright bar to drop, this frameset is here for you ogling pleasure.

Fingerprints will not be included, we will build it up however you like, and clean and polish it for you if you buy it!

It is not everyday we have an old Gitane mixte come through the shop, today we have two!

And how cool is this single speed? Already has MK Fenders to complement the honey Brooks saddle and bar tape.

Now with a set of Ironweed BP Alyce panniers on the back.

This Corvette goes zero to sixty in sixty years.

We replaced the rear tire, the owner got tired of having to clean the white wall after every time he peeled out.

And how about this Grip Shift! Back in the day this was sti.

Like a gold tooth for your bike, chrome Odyssey Twisted PC’s.

Looking really good alongside all the shiny parts on a Surly LHT in black.

The new Surly green has classic good looks. Planet Bike Cascadia fenders and a silver Civia rack work really well with clear pedals on this beautiful bike.


One of the many fringe benefits of living working in a bike shop is that you get to see what your co-workers ride.  For example, let us behold the freshly assembled bicycle of ace mechanic, James.

Hmm, it kinda looks like a Long Haul Trucker in a color offered several years ago.  Indeed, ’tis.  Built up with a slobber-worthy mix of new and old.

The attention to detail present on this ride makes me (Cody) nearly stagger.

Wipe the dribble from your chin, that drivetrain don’t care none about your fancy.  That’s a SACHS chain, fer crying out loud!

Ratcheting Suntour… better than index?  Some would say no doubt about it.

A new SON generator hub is an instant classic.  Hey, remember when I said we can order for your pleasure any lighting system via Peter White Cycles?

The Schmidt Edelux headlight, which we also offer via Peter White.

The Spanninga Pixeo is a sweet little bargain at $16.50.  Battery operated versions are slightly cheaper.

Here is some of that aforementioned detail attention.  The rear light cable is routed elegantly along the ridge of the stainless steel fender.

And, ya gotta love rack mounted fenders!  This is the stuff that makes me feel like we’ll make it through the impending apocalypse.  Or, James will anyway.


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