Last night I (steve) continued my test ride program, and took the MASI Speciale Commuter home.  It is a very nice bike.  If I were to get one for myself I would make a few changes (platform pedals, riser bar, fenders)  right away, but this is a fine package to start with for sure, no matter which direction you might want to take it.

I have long wanted a bolt on front wheel for my ss townie, so why not just buy a bike to get there?

As I was riding to the shop I was looking around at the piles of couches and carpet and moldy blankets that are currently littering our streets and curbs here in fair Iowa City (moving season in a college town) and I did espy a pile of bikes not on curb or corner but up a tree.

Not sure what is going on here, other than the obvious, but it is good to see a fire extinguisher hanging in such close proximity.  For safety!

Today begins August, and so a new name onto the Your Change Can Make A Difference Can.  Last month we raised $39.27 for all the critters at the Iowa City Animal Shelter!  This month we are going to donate the money to the MYEP.  That is the Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program and they are moving to new facilities soon so they need all the help they can get to keep their operations running smoothly through the transition.  In the past the MYEP has had a bicycle repair program as part of the offerings, no word on whether or not that will continue at the new space, but if we donate enough money to them it will surely help keep that worthwhile endeavour alive.