April 2013

As we lurch and gustily precipitate towards summer the rhythm of the shop steadily picks up. So much so that we forgot to give a shout out to ourselves, last Monday was our 4th anniversary! We thank you all, as ever we could not do this without YOU.


We built this touring wheelset this week. A dynamo front wheel from our specials page and a sturdy rear 105 hub wheel to follow along. We still have a couple of dyno hubs left if you are interested in having us build you a wheel so you can leave batteries behind and create your own juice.

In other dyno-juice new we will have the Busch & Muller Luxos U in stock within a week! The light that made Peter White gush:  “I don’t usually gush over the products I sell, but the Luxos U and Luxos B headlights have some characteristics that to me are truly extraordinary, but impossible to describe in a few simple marketing phrases. So, please bear with me while I gush.” We are looking forward to seeing for ourselves what all this gushy fuss is about.

And fussle gushle it’s almost Bike to Work Week!

May starts Wednesday. May is Bike Month. Bike Month has Bike to Work Week! Locally there are lots of great event going on to encourage and/or reward you for riding to work or anywhere else you need to be. The schedule for our area is up at Think Bicycles and hopefully we will see posters popping up around town soon. We are raffling a bike from Civia Cycles.


All you have to do to get entered is come on into the shop here, or attend any of the events all week long, there will be tickets available at them as well. We will have the drawing for the bike giveaway Friday night 5/17 right here at the shop during a very informal happy hour from 5:30 – 6:30. Get your bike on, always the best spring accessory!

We got these animal bike headlights today.


And, our friends at Dave Long Protective Products were able to locally source us a custom Xtracycle decal for the window!


It might not look like much to you, but to us it is like having a flashing pig, panda, cow or lion on our handlebars – super cool.


And here is a picture of a pretty Bianchi we sold last week. Single speed for safety!

There’s more than one way to turn a bolt. Whether righty or lefty, the modern bicycle industry is generally a metric game.


If you are fortunate like we are to work on a lot of old Schwinns and such you might consider getting a set of proper English wrenches. Or a vice locking adjustable wrench.


Picked this up last summer and it has become a shop favorite for dealing with axle nuts, and it is quite handy with the shop cotter pin press as well.

Beyond boring tools we have exciting news, a new shop jersey is in the works!

30¢ Squad Jersey

A little revision of the previous jersey design, and we are going to be have cycling shorts to match for that full kit look. We will have some for stock available in the shop but if you want to pre order let us know by the end of the week. We have to get this order in soon or it will be for Next Year!

Local bike advocacy juggernaut Think Bicycles has put together an area bicyclist survey:

Think Bicycles Commuter Survey

Check it out and let them know who you are and what you would like to see prioritized in the future for bicycle infrastructure and even incentives. It’s a two pager and it does not take long to complete.


Not to be left out we came up with our own survey: Have you tried Wake Up Iowa City’s new roast 30th Century Bicycle Golden Gear Chain yet?



If you answered yes, good on ya. If you answered no get on down to the New Pi and get some, you’ll be tastily glad you did. It’s like a week supply of daily tune ups for your brain for the price of a brake adjustment!