Getting Started

Look out – our bike shop is about to get bigger!  We can barely turn around in here without knocking over this or that, and we want to have more room to better serve you with your every bicycle need so we are going to take over the next door space right here at 310 E Prentiss St.  The move will begin on December 1st, and we plan to remain open through the entire reorganization with only a couple of long nights and weekends for us.

All that will change for you is that our door will switch to the South side of the building, and there will be more elbow room for all of us.  And bike room!  See you in the future,

30th Century Bicycle

Today we got a bicycle delivery of a big box of 30th Century Bicycle t shirts!

Made in the USA cotton/poly blend,  screenprinted right here in Iowa City by White Rabbit.

Two years ago on Earth Day we threw our doors open to the world.  It was symbolic to us, yes, as we believe bicycles are more than just toys (although they are really fun), they are powerful tools that change lives and make our world a better place.

Get on yer bikes and ride!

Some of you may have noticed that our supply of ready to take home Used Bikes has been up lately and there is a good reason for that.  We hired our first employee!

He is hard to catch on film, but he has many years of experience as a “pro” mechanic and has been a long time volunteer at the Iowa City Bike Library.  We are happy to have him on board.

He replaces our previous 3rd wheel, Sit on a potato pan Otis, who has been placed with a good home where he has the all day company of another kitty and new loving people friends who are home a lot to give him all the attention he deserves.

Plus he does not have to roll around on the floor in a dirty bike shop with all the grease, metal shavings, chain lubricants, and other pleasantries associated with the fixing of bicycles.  We miss him but know that this move is in his best interest.  And we still get to go visit!

Today is Earth Day.  We opened our doors for business on this day last year.

It was a great first year, and we are looking forward to our second.

Happy Earth Day!

This weekend we broke out the power tools and made some changes around here.

First was a new shelf in the corner.

Then we moved the lending library from the front door to the counter.  Not sure about this one, but we will give it a try.

A wall mount map dispenser under the bulletin board.  The statewide map and the local trails map, free!

And, sure to be a mechanic favorite, a new centrally located shelf with cables, housing, and such, nicely tucked out of the way.

And of course, Otis keeps making our shop a better place!  Here he is hard at work helping compose this weblog post.  Thanks, buddy.  Otis is the latest Your Change Can Make A Difference Can beneficiary, to help with the costs of his vet bills.  We are glad he is here, and not out in the cold, and we think he feels the same way.

The cat is out of the bag, we have MK Fenders in stock.  These wood fenders are locally produced, fully shaped, and finished with a marine quality coating so they are well protected and shiny beautiful.  $200 a set.

We have them on the Xtracycle and they look and work great.  Mounting hardware will be coming from Velo Orange, unless you happen to have your own already, and everything needed to mount these comes to around $20.  The manufacturing team that is making the fenders are also hard at work with a machine shop in Cedar Rapids to produce their own hardware, but it is not there yet.  We have two sets of 700c, one 650b and one 26″ so come on in and take a look, we are sure you will be impressed!

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