Better late than never (and just in time for the weekend so you might have time to read it all) here is the 30¢ Squad report from the 2011 Dirty Kanza 200.  All in all a great trip!  Highly recommend the event if you are looking for a dawn to dusk (or dark) bicycle adventure.  There are many other reports from the day over at the event website, and there is a great set of photos over there, too, if you are curious to get a better idea of what the ride is all about.

Back in the shop, we are happy and proud to announce that we are Schlick Cycles dealers!  We have this demo bike here now, feel free to come down and check it out, take it for a ride, buy it even, we don’t mind.  Check out their website for all the details, but know that the company is based in Milwaukee, WI and the the frames are made in West Branch, Iowa, by master framebuilder Tom Teesdale.

Lots of options for these bikes, belt drive, sliding Paragon drops, internal geared hubs, paint options, you can even go full custom on the frame design if you like.  The many benefits of working with a small company that wants to put you on the best bike you have ever ridden.

Belt drive has us very excited here at the shop and we keep thinking about how great it would be on a winter bike.

We had the Schlick Smitty here as a demo for the last couple of months and it not only got lots of comments sitting on the floor here but induced big smiles after each and every test ride.

Schlick also offers a fatbike, the Northpaw, we should have a demo in here by early August.  And check out the Shark!

Show us a cooler looking bike and we’ll throw a rock at it!