The touring presentation last night was good clean fun.  We were treated to some beautiful photos and cold beers, as well as a few shocking stories.  Gorilla Gluing a stem into place on a loaded touring bike, for instance.


We now return our attention to the ongoings of the shop.  It seems that every time we turn around a few more new bikes sneak in.  Some of the beauties include:

The Bianchi Iseo for in-town commuting as well as longer, speedier road rides.

The Marin Muirwoods urban 29er, fully geared for versatility.

Or, if all you need is a couple gears on your urban 29er, the Marin Hamilton has a Sturmey Archer 2-speed kickback hub.

Or, if a 29er just isn’t quite enough, there’s always another option.

And, we have some of the last Milanos available in the US.  A variety of gear options found among the Alfine, the Citta, and the Parco.