Not sure how it happened, but a blog post has not composed itself lately.  Sorry.  So here is a monster post to catch everyone up as to what has been going on around here.  We cut some metal and installed a headset on this fat tired snow bike.


Across the snowy tundra or the barren parking lot, the 9Zero7 has you covered!


For all your panniergating needs, this bike can carry 100 cans of beer to the game, plus ice.  And yes says owner, Jodi, it is heavy.


Fend for yourself!  Nick has taken matters into his own woodshop and cranked out his own set of wooden fenders and don’t they just look great?  Well done Nick!


Here it is, the very frameset we will be giving away at the Jingle Cross, get yourself registered for one day or all three of the Beginner Women’s and it could be yours.


Lastly, we are now stocking Cyclelogical bags!  The pannier above is a nice little get around town small sized bag.  The backpack is incredibly well designed, and both of these bags are reflective, which is just Cyclelogical, of course.

They also make a line of cool t shirts, and whaddaya know, Cody has submitted some artwork and one of her drawings will be out there on one of their shirts later this month!  But not this one:


This design did not make the cut, so what do you think?  I love it and the one of a kind test print shirt they sent us has gotten some good comments here at the shop, should Cyclelogical reconsider?