We got our second delivery of new studded tires today.

45North is the brand, we have the 700c Polara and 26″ Arcwelder.  We still have a pair of Kenda 26″ and a pair of Nokian 700c plus one lonely Nokian 26″ Mount N Ground.  More Nokians to come, but if you are looking to get a jump on winter we can help.

If you prefer to squash the snow into submission instead of poking it with sharp carbide bits we have you covered, with the Surly Pugsley.  We have an 18″ complete here for test riding and general ogling.

Or there is the Schlick Cycles Northpaw.  We built up our first last week and it was released into the wild over the weekend.  Hard to miss so if you see it around don’t be too shy to say hi!

Built just over the next hill by the man with the steadiest hands, the grizzliest of the West Branch Bears – Tom Teesdale!

Look out winter, here we come.