Hello 30¢ Squad, if you have not heard already let us break it to you, we are shutting our doors on Valentine’s Day. New opportunities and all that, we will miss the day to day scene in here, and want to thank all of you for your support and patronage over these last 9 years, it has been quite a ride :) Going to be posting things here we have on deep discounts it will be changing daily so check back often, and come on in to see what else we have to clear out, tools, work stands, a few fixtures as well!


Brooks saddles 30% off your choice of vegan or cow, and including a can of proofide for that one because, “moo”


Our shop build of the Surly Wednesday, we call it the Endsday (and kinda can’t believe they didn’t come up with that themselves) and it has that lovely 45NRTH Husker Duo set up tubeless and the brakes are upgraded to Shimano Hydraulic and we are tossing in the PDW fender and pedals because you need them. And there is a real old bottle cage on there. Large $1399


Adding the priceless Rust Rocket to the used bikes for $99 since we won’t be having Sam’s Pizza runs anymore :/ also dropping prices on a few of the other used bikes as we can, some were already bottomed out though. Always worth a look! That stuff in the background is all 30% off toooooooooo


18.5″ Bianchi Cortina $349


Bones trunk racks 2 or 3 bike 30% off and we have a top tube adapter also – if ya need.


Civia “neighborhood bike” $333 Medium in stock in avocado


Ortlieb roll top waterproof pannier set $99


All things on sale great and small, going 2 for 1 on the Newbaum’s here instead of 1 roll for $5 you can have 2 :)

IMG_1779 (1)

23″ Bianchi Cortina $349


Everything here at least 30% off, alloy bottle cages $5 each or 3 for $10. Terry saddles are being priced individually so come check them out!




It’s the end of May, or as we call it – time to ride! Well, we call it that all year but now the weather is really nice :)


We have a few new things in to share, the men’s and women’s Inizio from MASI is restyled but the same great value entry level road bike with that reliable Shimano Claris shifting and now rolling on plush 28mm wide tires on wide rims for a smoother and more comfortable ride.


Last year we had a hard time keeping the disc brake MASI CX Comp in stock, and now it comes in a right fiery Italian red so we figure to send a lot of them out again this season in search of adventures. Gravel, touring, paved roads, even some trails this bike is steel solid and ready to go about anywhere you want to point it.


Joining the always popular Bianchi Cortina, Iseo and Milano on the floor is the C Sport 2. Another versatile bike with disc brakes that makes a solid commuter and looks great with fenders, rack, and lights, but can also roam further than the back and forth to work if you like.


And speaking of fenders, racks, bags, and etc we have everything you need – including Ironweed bags designed and made right here in Iowa – to get the most out of this, the pleasant riding season, and then to extend it. Forever :) #bikelife



Don’t just sit around wondering if icy roads have been salted.


Get out there and assault them yourself with a studded tire! Or two. All remaining in stock studs now $47 each.


Bar Mitts and pogies on sale, too. Plus all that other winter stuff, gloves, hats, even a nice green Kinetic trainer – if it’s in stock it’s marked down to at least 35% discount starting NOW



You may have noticed that other than the – SALES & SPECIALS / USED BIKES / Yard Sale – pages not much changes here on the old blog anymore. Well that’s because of the never slowing march of progress, more info gets out quicker and easier on – the tweeter / facebook / instagram – and occasionally shouting at people in the street. But every once or twice a year, like our anniversary #earthdayisourbirthday or the always pleasing end of year SALE there is just too much excitement or information to share so we have to dust off the keyboard, crack our knuckles and type out more than 140 characters.


We are again offering bonus 30¢ gift certificates – now until the end of the year buy one for $25 and we will give you another for $5. Buy one for $50 and we will give you one for $10. $100 will get ya another for $25. We’ll go higher, just ask and dare us!


And we have lots of stuff to spend them extra dollars on! Balance bikes.


Fat bikes -including this carbon Heller on sale at $1,710


Bianchi Cortinas stretching from red all the way down to that classic celeste.


We have expanded our clothing selection for a while to include a bunch of jerseys, shorts, vests, thermal layers, and even a pair of gloves from the many pro teams that local great guy and multiple time Olympian Jason McCartney had hanging in his closet. Come check them out, as memorabilia, gifts, or for to help yourself look extra PRO.


Winter finally showed up yesterday and we have studded tires, Yak Trax, lights, fenders, advice and know how to help you ride through the winter safely and with confidence and comfort.


There are a few other things to mention like all in-stock Arkel bags are 15% off, and all in-stock bikes are at least 10% off until the end of the year, and we like you.

Ride on everybuddy, through the end of this year, and – always – right into #nextyear



Today is our 7th anniversary!

7 years

Thanks everybuddy – couldn’t do it without YOU.

Hard to believe the winter that wasn’t is thinking about giving up already but it seems to be happening. If you’ve been riding all winter – good job, us too! Your bike is probably trashed and needs love. We know. Ours sure are.


If your bike has just been in storage somewhere it’s time to go check on it and make sure it is ready to roll into the warm days ahead!


And don’t think we forgot about you folks that don’t have bikes – we have bikes for you. Used bikes! New bikes! Lots of great get around town bikes from Bianchi in fresh new colors. And we are bringing back MASI cx bikes to the floor, as well as a few of their road bikes.


So you should stop in for repair or test riding and check out all the winter stuff that just went on sale. Be ready for #next year, and, because <Iowa> stay ready for this year with awesome new gear as we probably have not quite seen the end of inclement weather around here – no matter what the thermometer says this weekend.

Our lease was up. We almost moved. We looked around, arranged showings. It was nice, another excuse to ride bikes around town looking at what was available. Long story short, we ain’t moving, mostly because no place has a better neighbor for all our coffee, lunch and after work beer needs than Trumpet Blossom Cafe! And we like our landlord – he’s the best.


So we will be right here where we have always been, and because we got all excited about doing a moving sale we are still going to do it but without the pesky moving part. Some of our new bikes are already on sale and the discounted pricing stays the same on those – but buy one and we will hand you a gift certificate for the value of 10% of the original price. All other in stock new bikes are now 10% off Plus you get a gift certificate for 10% of the original price. You can use it right away for locks, lights, studded tires  and that kind of stuff, or give it as a gift to someone else, use it for a spring tune up, whatever – it’s yours to do with what you will!

We are also marking other assorted in stock select stuff down 15% like panniers, saddles, and even a car rack or two and some other fun stuff, but you have to come in and have a look around to see what, so come on down – you know where to find us :)