So we had our exciting Bike to Work Week windup happy hour party here at the shop last week.

IMAG0667Always good to see bike racks jammed to capacity and spillover parking engaged.


We drew a deserving winner from the box of this wonderful christiania bike that is in for repair.


The final selection has been made and look for one of these at a bike rack near you, assembling it today! Big thanks to Civia for providing us with a demo bike fleet to show off and thanks to all that biked and bike to work, we love what you do!

Now we are all back to the grind, biking to work, working to bike, taking photos of cool shadows in the shop, etc.


behind the scenes

We had a return visit from this super cool bike that first we assembled, and then later MK Fendered.


This time we added the VO chainguard. Not sure if this bike could really get any cooler at this point, but we are excited to see if it is possible.