Bike to Work

To kick off Bike Month proper I rode to work this morning, and took the long way for good measure. Bike Month and Bike to Work Week are a time to build some momentum every year as we head into the glorious days of biking. We ride all year round, but we would be lying if we told you when we started out we were out there every snowstorm in January or rainstorm in October. Nope, it took time to become an every day / any condition bike rider. It was worth the transition, and it has had immeasurable effect on personal health, wealth, time, even yard. We turned our gravel driveway into a Lily patch.

This article is a fantastic breakdown of cycling in the United States. The first section really resonates:

By failing to embrace cycling culture, American cities are losing out on significant financial benefits, Colville-Andersen told Business Insider. Studies show that every kilometer cycled in Denmark earns the country €.23 (partly because cyclists have been shown to spend more money in local stores), he said.

One of the biggest things that happened when we gave away our car was a switch to shopping at the New Pi Coop pretty much exclusively. The money that was going into the gas tank now gets spent locally and eaten. Another point in the article that is right on:

That view of biking as exercise, instead of transport, fuels the concern that cyclists will arrive at the office sweaty, without a way to clean off. A common fix by American workplaces that want to encourage cycling is to install showers. The New York City Department of Transportation even gives an annual award for General Bicycle Friendly Workplace, which is partly judged on whether showers and lockers are provided in the office. But this idea — that cycling to work is dependent on the ability to shower upon arrival — is another manifestation of the cycling-as-exercise image.

We proudly ride to work in non athletic clothing and don’t even shower when we get here! Anyways, it’s a great article,  worth linking twice here to encourage you to read it, and it is a great lead in to Bike Month. Give biking a try to get where you need to go!