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Jingle Cross 2009 is officially  in the books, and there are far too many stories to tell in just one blog post.  However, we would like to share the results of the MASI CXR frameset drawing for the Women’s Beginner category.  Heidi came out to the races on a borrowed mountain bike and got a day license in order to give cyclocross a try.  She raced on Saturday, and the next day we drew her name from among all the racers.  Here she is with her new frame:

Photo courtesy of Mauro Heck.

There are lots of pictures and videos from the weekend on Mauro’s page.  We had a great time sponsoring the event and were glad to see the registration numbers for the Women’s Beginner category were up this year.  Looking forward to next year!

In other big news we finally received our much anticipated shop waterbottles!

These bottles are BPA & DEHA free if you’re interested in that kind of thing.  Even though it would have been far more DIY to rig up a way to attach our screenprinting frame to blank bottles, we’re pretty happy with how they turned out, outsourced or no.



How quaint, we are in the phonebook!  Remember those?  Look for us under Bicycles in the “yellow pages” section- it’s easy and fun, too!


Wayne seems to like the book even more now.  If you don’t have a phone book, don’t worry, our phone number is available in many places online, too.  Like right here:  (319) 248-1288

Gotta go, the phone is ringing!

A couple of cool shifting solutions happened upon this week.  The first came into the shop for a tune up.


XT thumbshifter mounted next to the brake on a drop bar, sweet!  I have a set of XT thumbies and they are not on a bike now, but will be again someday I am sure, maybe even on a road bike.

And, spied on a fine looking KELLY seen parked at the new pi co-op, wowsers!


The closer look, can anyone tell me more about these please?


Cool stuff.  If you like talking bikes, shifting, CSA, or anything else come on by the shop and be heard!  Enjoy a cup of espresso while you are at it.  Yep, that is right, the dream is realized, coffee shop next to bike shop right here in little old Iowa City.


Ben’s espresso is fair trade, locally roasted (by him), and really delicious.  Get it while the getting is good, he will be there 7am to 5pm Tuesday thru Saturday all summer long!

Okay, I dunno how this works or what it means, but Cody has started us up a twitter account.  I don’t know how you subscribe or find out about it, so if you know please leave a comment and share with everyone, including me.  Thanks.  I am sure Cody will get the info out there once she finishes tuning up that Schwinn Collegiate.

There is a new page here at the blog, check it to see photos and descriptions of our in stock used bikes.  We have more, but they are not ready to go so keep checking back or maybe just follow our tweetering or whatever it is called.

Bikes are way cool.  One of my favorite things about them is the multitude of simple custom modifications that can be made to them to meet a specific need or purpose.  This example came in for a tuneup this week.


Kickstand not long enough?  Got a stick?  Hose clamp?  Done!


A closer look of the craftspersonship.  The stickstand is super stable and is 100% compostable (except for the hose clamps) and biodegradable but is not sold in stores.  Over the years I have also seen panniers made out of trashcans, fenders made out of tires and hangers, barends out of vice grips (not a very cost effective solution) and aero bars made out of wood.  I can’t wait to see what comes in next.

Tomorrow marks one month since we opened our doors.  It has been a great experience so far and we are finding our rythmn and looking forward to the busy cycling months ahead.  Hope to see you in the shop or out riding!

Today is our shop day closed for sanity and it feels pretty good.  It is a beautiful day, the official Bike to Work Week is over (although we respectfully remind you it never really ends) and we had a busy weekend at the shop.  The University semester ended and the streets are quieter.  Wednesday will mark one month open – Exciting!

This place has changed so much already, we are excited about the summer ahead but I as don’t have any pictures from the future here are some from last weeks Mayor’s Ride and the Friday party /  prize give away.

Some folks met at the shop before the ride for carbo-loading , storytelling and laughs.

Even with the weather induced postponement it was a good turnout.


We got our yearly photo by Donald, lookit all that hi-vis!

Cody is the best dressed shop owner in town you better believe it.

Here is our pile of stuff we gave away, except for that bike wheel and that Langster.

And then it was over.  Thanks for playing and remember, keep riding your bike where you need to go!

Cody and I have big plans for this place.  We have ideas.  You’ll see.  Some of them are already working, others have a ways to go before we can share.  Yesterday, a friend stopped in and gave us a book to read about an around the world bicycle  tour.  A loan. I tried to trade him one of our around the world bike tour books but he was having none of it.  Maybe later, he said.  So we have some books down here already and a bookshelf and we talked about our goal of having a nice reading area and being able to loan out some books, magazines,  even videos.


That’s it.  We have some Bicycle Quarterlies in there and some books on simple living, bike racing, and DIY stuff, too.  And one about some anonymously egotistical Chicago bike messenger or whatever.  You can probably run off with that one and we won’t notice or mind…

We have a few cozy chairs and a table now for your reading enjoyment.  We do have a few copies of Momentum Magazine, and our subscription should be showing up soon so you can keep up on the latest Self-Propelled People news.


And lookie there, we have a copy of the much sought after and hard to find Iowa City Edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, with local cycle commuting phenom Jason McCartney on the cover!  Keep up with his Italian exploits right here at 30th Century Bicycle!

See you on the Mayor’s Ride tonight, I won’t belabor the details any longer, you know what’s up by now.

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