A couple of cool shifting solutions happened upon this week.  The first came into the shop for a tune up.


XT thumbshifter mounted next to the brake on a drop bar, sweet!  I have a set of XT thumbies and they are not on a bike now, but will be again someday I am sure, maybe even on a road bike.

And, spied on a fine looking KELLY seen parked at the new pi co-op, wowsers!


The closer look, can anyone tell me more about these please?


Cool stuff.  If you like talking bikes, shifting, CSA, or anything else come on by the shop and be heard!  Enjoy a cup of espresso while you are at it.  Yep, that is right, the dream is realized, coffee shop next to bike shop right here in little old Iowa City.


Ben’s espresso is fair trade, locally roasted (by him), and really delicious.  Get it while the getting is good, he will be there 7am to 5pm Tuesday thru Saturday all summer long!