As a commuter / touring focused shop we deal with lots of fenders.  We stock Planet Bike Hardcore and Cascadia in most sizes and a few colors.  Great performing fenders, and we love PB’s 25% mission, too.  We have the beautiful and handmade in Iowa MK fenders here for you to check out.  We love SKS fenders, too, and stock the seatpost clip on X3.  We have ordered many full coverage sets for people that love their style and performance.

Now we are stocking Axiom fenders for road bikes.  The tight geometry of road bikes, as well as the caliper brakes, can make fitting fenders difficult.  Axiom has addressed this by notching out the front fender and reinforcing the area with a riveted steel bridge.

These have a full mudflap, too, so if you have a roadbike in need of fenders these might be just the ticket.  Keep your feet dry and your back clean on your spring rides with fenders!