This morning we went to a meeting to get everyone going on making Think Bicycles the online go-to place for info on cycling in Johnson County.  If you are looking for rides, news, pictures, reports, ramblings or ideas about riding bikes around here make a habit of checking that website.  We added the link to our home page over there  ======>

And speaking of thinking bicycles, spring is just around the corner, and if you are not already riding around out there with rosy cheeks and chilly toes you might be thinking about getting out there soon.  We just built this Bianchi Vigorelli for a customer who is ready to roll a bit faster than he did last year on his cyclocross bike.  This is a nice steel frame / carbon fork with a Shimano 105 group.  We also upgraded the wheels to the Eastons, those red hubs look pretty sharp.

So if you are looking for a new bike, or need to get your bike in for a tune up, or are just ready to go out and ride your bike – Think Bicycles!