Last night BIC had a shop expo at the Coralville Library.  This is how we got our stuff there.

But that is not why we are here.  We are here to show off this beautiful old bike.  It came to us with some very sad rims, and we rebuilt the wheels.

Sun CR18’s are available in the 26×1 3/8 size and they took 3 pounds off the bike.  40 hole 3 cross in the back, 32 hole 3 cross up front.  And once you get all those old spokes out of the way you can really clean those hubs up before you lace the new ones in!


This bike will be ridden on the Lake Pepin 3 Speed Tour this spring.  No more dented and hammered steel rims, vastly improved braking on the aluminum surface, and lighter where it counts the most.