Steve has been without an X for a few months, and it finally got to him, so a new longtail came together over the weekend.

The once sleek singlespeed MASI Speciale Commuter got a WALD basket up front and Xtracycle FreeRadical attachment with drive side wideloader in back.

The FSA Patterson Transmission got the call and initial impressions are all smiles, the gearing range (28t/45t) is pretty ideal for Xtracycling when empty or loaded.

Mission Control.  Suntour power shifters, a computer to tell the time and keep track of yearly hauling mileage, and the bell I was awarded for that one time I rode over 300 miles across Iowa on gravel roads keeps an eye on me and alerts anyone who needs alerting to my presence.

Suntour derailler handles the 9 speed cassette with ease.  That  handbuilt rear wheel has proven time and again that it can carry it’s own weight, so to speak.

For those really long loads the Bikes at Work trailer hitch tucks in nicely with a chunk of rim shim.

Tested it out first for home and then shop recycling.

And assorted canister relocation projects.

Then, to replace the MASI as the go fast townie it hauled my old LeMond Poprad down to the shop this morning for it’s makeover.  If you have a bike, and stuff, and want to move both of them from place to place together, we highly recommend an Xtracycle as a great way to do it!