Hello 30¢ Squad, if you have not heard already let us break it to you, we are shutting our doors on Valentine’s Day. New opportunities and all that, we will miss the day to day scene in here, and want to thank all of you for your support and patronage over these last 9 years, it has been quite a ride :) Going to be posting things here we have on deep discounts it will be changing daily so check back often, and come on in to see what else we have to clear out, tools, shelves, fixtures, etc


Time grows short and my house is small so another exciting price chop on bicycles, this solid Medium Sized Giant is not just an intriguing children’s book title it’s a dependable get around machine with a new rear wheel, chain and cassette. Do the math, we’re losing money here which makes the Medium Sized Giant a sensible choice as a solid investment for you in which you can leverage your dollars across multiple chainrings and oh jeeze this is becoming an economics book / bicycle mechanics handbook – turn the page turn the page quick where are the pictures oh I’m so sorry kids


  • Buy a SRAM 9 speed cassette & get a free 9 speed SRAM chain to go with
  • Buy a SRAM or Shimano 7 speed cassette& get a free KMC chain


Dahon Speed D7 folding bike – one size fits most, with travel case $399


Helmet stock is dwindling but still valid.


Freestanding shop bench*/makeshift incoming ICBM or tornado shelter. $100

*Stains and stickers included. If you’d prefer different stickers and stains could part with the other bench but this one is already cleared off. Measures 5’9″ long and 33″ deep. Pegboard is firmly attached but eminently removable. Optional pegboard hooks available. Pedros bottle opener mounted left side because right side pre-drilled for a vise. Best to not mix vices with vises.



This is what remains of our once spectacular bike bag display that used to stretch out the front door, over Prentiss St hill and all the way down to the Iowa river I tell ya. But that’s not important right now – what is important is that all them made in Iowa Ironweed bags are on sale.


All used bikes now well under two hundred dollars. Beloved shop bike the “rust rocket” at $49 since we won’t be having Sam’s Pizza runs anymore :/ Also a nice Raleigh coaster brake cruiser now at $99IMG_1834

Clearance table is in effect for smaller, older, and just plain odder stuff that any reputable bike shop will accumulate over 9 years. Headsets, colorful brake and shift housing, brakes, chainrings, aero seatpost, halflink chain, bike hooks – SO MANY BIKE HOOKS, yak trax, disc brake errata, and FREE STICKERS. Plus more :)


As is Hercules 3 speed FREEEEEEEE