We sold a couple of Dahon Speed D7s last week.


This was our first look at the tangerine color, pretty schnazzy! We sent a Dahon folder on a mission to Chicago via MegaBus last week also and for the first time it was denied by the bus driver. No amount of bribery or sweet talking could secure passage for the most useful piece of luggage on the planet. Apparently Trailways is not so biased against multi-modal sustainable transportation options and they allowed the trip to proceed. So, if you are a folding biker consider checking Trailways that before booking your trip.

In other exciting foldable thing news, for the first time in 4 years we have a kickstand worthy of the internet:


One upping the stickstand we reported on in May of 2009, the copper pipe kicker extension! Bonus points for matching that frame color.