There’s more than one way to turn a bolt. Whether righty or lefty, the modern bicycle industry is generally a metric game.


If you are fortunate like we are to work on a lot of old Schwinns and such you might consider getting a set of proper English wrenches. Or a vice locking adjustable wrench.


Picked this up last summer and it has become a shop favorite for dealing with axle nuts, and it is quite handy with the shop cotter pin press as well.

Beyond boring tools we have exciting news, a new shop jersey is in the works!

30¢ Squad Jersey

A little revision of the previous jersey design, and we are going to be have cycling shorts to match for that full kit look. We will have some for stock available in the shop but if you want to pre order let us know by the end of the week. We have to get this order in soon or it will be for Next Year!