Over a week passes and we suddenly realize we haven’t updated the blog. We get so busy we tend to think things like, “nothing’s really happening around here, it’s just hectic.” But, lo! We take another look around, remember to bring out the camera once in a while, and whaddaya know, loads of stuff are blog-worthy.

This lil’ feller (or not-so-little if you note the chainguard) got some much needed grease in all the right parts and will soon get a re-covered seat. Revamped for the grandkids, old is new!

Disenchanted with your road bike? Swap that handlebar to something a bit more cruise-y and rediscover your bicycle bond. New adventures await!

In the case of the Masi CX Uno, new is new. Set up for commuter and light-tour duty, the CX Uno is ready to excel.

Next time somebody calls you a grease ball, just think of our little friend here at the shop, a literal ball of grease scraped from a fancy road derailleur.