We ordered a complete sidewall dynamo light set up for a customer through Peter White Cycles.  This is not it.

1/4″ ball bearing included for scale

The new technology is lighter, svelter and brighter.  And more expensive, but you get what you pay for in most things, and in dynamo lighting systems in particular.

And don’t forget we are offering a special deal on handbuilt custom generator wheel setups including headlight while supplies last!  Today we also got our first pair of Crescent Moon snowshoes for stock.  Made in Boulder, PVC free, best bindings in the business according to Backpacker magazine.  Now we are just waiting for that snow we ordered…

More appropriate (I just heard thunder!) to our rainy 50 degree December day, we recently received a couple of sets of the new improved MK Fenders!

Thinner than before, newer excitinger inlay patterns, plus longer for better wrap around the wheel and better spray protection.  Made in Iowa wood fenders – for sure one of our very favorite things!