Yesterdays morning ride yielded more than just physical and mental health benefits.

I also found $7 on the side of the road, and later a 13mm Craftsman wrench – which, as providence would have it, was the one wrench missing from my bench!

Yesterday was not just productive on the bike, it was also productive fixing the bike.  In particular, the IC Ecocab with the broken axle.  Our efforts to find a replacement part were unsuccessful, so we enlisted the help of local Mr. Fixit, Michael Webb.

He welded the axle back together at his shop, and heat treated it to help it withstand the rigors of pedicabbery.

The mock up of how it would go back together, with the repaired axle looking good as new.

All done except for the passenger fuselage install.

Back in business.  When you see an IC Ecocab downtown, hop in and let them take you for a ride, and if you need your pedicab or tractor repaired, call Mr Fixit!  (We can connect you with him – serious inquiries only)